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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

APED: Speech


My name is Simone, I am poor. I work really hard to earn my daily bread. I don't remember when I got myself a pair of new denims.
I still use my old faded denims with torn pockets. Eons back, the denim I have was a pride in my closet, with rhinestone studded pockets. I used to live in a lovely brownstone house. I lost my parents to an accident 8 years back.

I was alone, and lost then. I didn't know what to do.
I walked down to the river that flows through my town, I wanted to jump off that bridge, and go away to my parents, I stood  there crying for a long time.

Then I turned to go to my home, that had an "On Sale" board. It broke my heart. I was born in this house, I have seen my parents love bloom in this house. this house was my heart.
Bu, I was too broken inside to think about anything then, I didn't have my parents, I was dropped out of school, I didn't have no money, now soon I wouldn't have a house.

That's when I stumbled upon this chance, 
Thank you judges for choosing me. I didn't want to win for fame. I wanted o win to buy my brownstone house. I wanted to win to buy back my memories in that house.
Thank you

- I am Simone. I am the winner of Miss Universe 2088

This post is written for APED, Prompt. 38


  1. Avery intereting story framed !1

  2. To buy back memories would be wonderful, and I hope she treasures them more than the fame that will come with winning that title. :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

    1. after what she has gone through, i am sure memories are more important to her than fame

  3. Aww. such a sad plight :( Nice story Dee. You have a power to write I say:)

  4. http://livetolovelifecrazy.blogspot.com/2015/07/times-change.html

  5. her home is a storehouse of all memories and she won it through the Crown. How noble. Wow Miss Universe 2088.

    1. Yes it is, the greatest gift that she might have ever got

  6. Stumbled upon a chance is good Karma extending blessings for good intentions rendered to others through the tears. Good Karma is earned and repaid without one realizing it. Wonderful lines DeeDee!


    1. Thank you Kayuala, I agree it is Karma


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