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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

3WW: Iron Man to Real Steel

Iron Man
Iron is an ore. All black in color. Dug from deep inside the earth.
Then its blasted in furnaces.
Goes through immense,  pressure, fire, heat and come out as clumps.
These clumps are then polished and processed and made into shiny, beautiful, strong, metallic steel with optimal strength

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Real Steel
Just like us humans, we fall, we feel low and dark. We go through so much pressure, sadness, so much so that it beats us and melts us to nothings.
But, these experinces someday, make us strong. Strong enough to take up anything in life. And turn into steel.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday, Metallic, Optimal, Polished


  1. We are all hardened by experience but not necessarily into better or nicer people.

    1. There is a nice person in every mean person. by experiences do harden people

  2. Yes indeed all of life experiences make us both stronger and more vulnerable...if only there was a super power suit to fit all!

  3. Exactly Dee Dee! One is expected to make mistakes in life to be a better person in time! However to make sure the mistakes are not material so that one gets out of it unscathed! Wonderful analogy!


    1. its human to make mistakes, Its even better to learn from the mistakes.
      thanks for dropping by hank

  4. An analogy that had never occurred to me! Excellent.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  5. How well you used the prompt to put forth a deep thought in a simple way.good work!


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