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Friday, July 31, 2015

FF: Mad Scientist

Pic Courtesy: G.L.MacMillan
She is the prettiest and the most popular girl in college.
 I am the invisible science guy. So, what? 

Does that mean she won't love me?

She, her football captain boyfriend and their friends calls me the ‘"Mad Scientist”. Yes! I am the Mad Scientist who is madly in love with her.

And Who says science cant make someone fall in love?

This Love potion I have made for the last 20 months has ensured that she will be mine “Forever”

*A voice comes from deep inside his heart*

Does she really love you?

Love Can't be Forced, It Happens

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers by  Rochelle Wisoff - Fields, 31st July


  1. Yay for the voice. Coercion is always a bad idea. Good story.

  2. She does not sound worth it. Besides, logically, individuals who are of different a temperament and nature soon discover this and move on.

    1. Francesca, She isnt worth it sounds like some bitch

  3. You can learn to love someone. Go for it! ;)

  4. Love Potion #9? :) Feel invited to stop ny my own contribution this week http://shandraharris.com/2015/07/31/if-it-could-only-be-bottled-for-friday-fictioneers/

    1. Love potion, who knows something like this might exist somehere

  5. Ah, the murky ethics of magical 'love'. Nice work.


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