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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WODW: 5 Most Uncomfortable Moments in my Life

I can list down 5 things that make me most uncomfortable

My husband's ex to start with, I hate to see that bi***h's message on his phone, I get so "this" *that unexplainable feeling* when he goes with his group of friends and she is there.
I hate her comments on my husband's picture on Facebook.
She might be totally harmless, but anything she does makes me uncomfortable. Period

People are tired they sleep in buses, or any public transports, I agree
But, sleeping and falling on my shoulder when they sit next to you. No ways!Uggghh!

People at work standing behind me seeing what is open on my monitor or shuffling papers on my desk or checking out my mails. Some things are personal. Bug Off!

In a group of friends, one couple in the same group, are all coo-chi-cooing and baby talking each other. Heylow! We know you are head-over-tails in love but keep it to yourself Eh!.

Wailing kids in airplanes and movie theaters. I am here to forget all my stresses and enjoy a movie, I DO NOT want a wailing kid on my hair.

This post is written for -Write or Die Wednesdays  by Mia of The Chronicles of Chaos and Vashelle of Shelly’s Cabaret 


  1. I definitely agree about the people standing behind you and looking at your screen. People at my job will come up to talk to me about something and I can see their eyes roaming all over my desk and screen. I want to say, "WHAT?! What are you looking for??? It's all boring work stuff." haha. :)

    Thanks for joining us, Dee Dee!!

    1. I so want to say "Please dont snoop," but it sounds rude and all office ethics stuff.

      Thanks for having me onboard

  2. Dee Dee, glad you joined us!

    I have kids of my own, and they are well-behaved (well, my son is only 13 months, so the jury is still out haha), but I somehow ALWAYS end up sitting in front of someone's rambunctious kid...whether it's in the movie theater or on an airplane, my seat is being kicked or my hair is being pulled. IT. NEVER. FAILS., and I don't appreciate when the parents do absolutely nothing about it.

    /end rant :)


    1. I so agree with you V Nino,

      And I am sure your 13 month old will be well behaved too, he will follow his siblings :-)

      Thanks for having me onboard


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