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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Start of a new chapter

I always wanted to write about my married life, but never got the time or words to put in appropriately.
So here, I decided to write about it on a blog

I was engaged for almost a year to this awesome man, who is now my husband of four months.

Win, is different. Oh, Introducing my better half, better in every way - Mr. Win

Win is shy, sweet, nice, very smart, basically he is opposite to what I am. I'm  brash, impulsive, a little short tempered.

Ours was an marriage arranged by our parents. We met as strangers, spoke as friends, got engaged, fell in love and had a long distance courtship.

Marriage, has changed us in some way. It has made us to think as "we" and not "me".

There are lot of smiles, hugs, love, memories, secrets, silly names. there are also misunderstandings, fights, arguments, tears.
It made me realize that marriage is not a bed of roses. Its a garden of many flowers that need proper nurturing to grow.

I realized that a marriage is not just two people, a marriage is a merger of two families.

The girl has to like the guy
The guy has to like the girl
The girl's parents have to like the guy
The guy's family have to like the girl
The guy's and girl's friends have a small say in the decision

And is some little energy is left, then couple get married.

I have also realized, in fights we say many things that are not supposed to be said.
I realized "sorry"is not just a 5 letter word anymore. It is a small glue that makes our relationship stronger.

I have heard from people that the 1st year is the hardest.
Now. I agree

Its the first post here...more smiles..more love..more years to go...