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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FFAR: Cow-versations

Heart Cow to Flower Cow "Hey F, I know its Halloween but Is it a coincidence that we look similar?"

Flower Cow to Heart Cow "There are no Cow-incidences. And we aren't similar. We are just Awesomoo"

This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers - 29th March

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mag: For Happiness of Others

PC: David Ligare
The loaf is sad that it was cut

The fruit it sad that it was pulped

Yet, two sad hearts stand together

To spread happiness to kids, who haven't had good food for almost a year

This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 310

Thursday, March 24, 2016

FF: My Crap Story

PHOTO PROMPT - © Ted Strutz
PC: Ted Strutz
I was a part of a beautiful house some day. Then they renovated their house and brought in a shiny new commode with some button features & poor ol’ me is forgotten.

I have seen them grow from kids to adults, I have flushed every crap this family and their friends have put on me. 

Today, here I lie abandoned but happy.

Today, for the first time in life, someone has given me flowers instead of crap.

I always say “Treat me well & Keep me Clean, I will not tell anyone what I have seen”

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FF: Strange Village

PC: Udday
A city boy and a town architect Keith gets transferred to a village that is populated with just 2 families. 

Every night Keith hears strange sounds coming from the abandoned photo booth that is right opposite to where Keith has been put up.

Keith wanted to run home the first week itself. 

But, he resolved to find out the mystery. He couldn’t talk to the villagers, he assumed they spoke only their native language.

So, that night, a dog howled far away. The crescent moon was dim in the sky.

Keith walks up to the photo booth and sees

That the villagers are not villagers but a shooting unit & this is their set for a horror movie. Keith actually is in the wrong side of the river. His original village is a bridge cross away.

This post is written for Flash Fiction

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Tiny Poem
PC: Pinntrest

No one creates a lock without its key
Many times, its the lost key that opens the stubborn lock.

God never gives problem without a solution
Many times, the simplest solution might solve the biggest problem

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - K

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mag: The Golden Girl

I go to this park where people play chess.
I stand at every table and request them to let me play
No one let me play though
Little do they know what they have missed by not playing with me
They take an hour to make a move,which is at times wrong and silly too
How can I, a little girl tell?
I am the youngest chess champ, the child prodigy.
I am the "Golden Girl" in the chess world
PC: Damien Derouene

Thursday, March 17, 2016

BA: Holi

I am from Mumbai. And Holi has grown up with time and changed quite a lot.

Holi has always been everyone’s favorite festival. Kids are ready with water balloons and water packets to throw on each other almost a week before Holi. This used to annoy the elders, we never realized why until I started working, and hated my laptop, phone, formals being wet.

So, the day before Holi, the kids were assigned a task to collect, dry grass, twigs, dry empty coconut shells, and the ladies of the building would light the Holi fire and give us kids’ sweets.
And there the kids would plan for the next morning.
We used to be up early morning, wearing the oldest “Holi dress” and filling our little pockets with gulaals and water balloons and stuffing our mouths with mouthwatering freshly made ghujias and non-alcoholic thandaais.

We had this small open tank behind our building where we filled water with every possible color we could find and it was a mandate to put every kid in that tank before starting the actual play
We used to stay in a society; we had a building that shared the compound wall with us. Holi, was no less than an India-Pakistan match between the two societies. It was all perfect planning and delegation. The tall guys take on the center lot, the tinier one back the tall ones, the sides to be managed by another lot. Proper strategies were planned. A perfect guerrilla warfare was organized, with three kids hiding in trees and attacking them. Of course, it was a no-win match.

And yes, how can one forget beautiful pichkaris, that has evolved with age. It started with a small pistols, got promoted to the long tube like pichkaris and evolved to a backpack filled with water and connected to the pichkari.

After the kids were half done with the playing, our parents would come and put gulaals on each other and the whole society had a pot-luck lunch made by all the aunties of the building.

Then a major task scrubbing off the color, finishing every available soap in the bathroom including the clothes washing soap, the shampoo was a norm for us. It was given that one is going to spend at least 2 hours in the bathroom.

The next day, you know which kids have played Holi is with their pink palms and pinkish scalp.

Then we grew up.

The gulaals became, pakka colors of silver, black gold, boot polish. The thandais became bhaangs. Friends in the society, started to vanish on bikes and cars with loud music. Colors became toxic.

Somewhere, in the growing up part, the pure charm of the festival got lost.

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed

FFL Flood

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PC: Rochelle Wisoff-Feilds
I have always been fascinated of Rishikesh, of the sadhus here, the stories of Ganga and the big Lord Shiva statue.

I booked a room right beside the Ganges, on the edge of cliff. It was raining cats and dogs that day, the power went off. It was pitch dark
The wind was howling.

Suddenly, I felt my room going down, I realized the river is flooding and taking away the land my hotel is resting on.
I was found by the Indian army, after 2 days.

Now, I write this after 2 years sitting in a similar room & staring out at the river that is now looking so calm 

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flash: A dog & his man

I have a person. His name is Ron. He brought me home when I was a pup. He cried to me when his girlfriend broke up with him.
He hugged me and danced all around the room when he joined the army.
He said he would miss me, the day he was to be commissioned to Afghanistan. I don;t know where it is, but I hope my person is safe.

I haven't seen him for 18 months now. I stay with the pet care.

Then today morning, I could feel him, his presence, his smell around me. I barked all day. I was tied to the porch outside, but I knew my person is somewhere around.

And then I see him come by, in his uniform looking smart.
I break my leash and dash to greet my person, he sees me and breaks down.
That day, is the day we I realized that Ron is not my person, he is my reason to live.
PC:  pixabay.com
This post is written for Flash Fiction

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ABCW: Japanese Lanterns

For the past one year, I have been a lot in DIY's and off late I am quite obsessed about Japanese paper lanterns.
They always fascinate me. Simple paper mesh looks so pretty when its hung with a light bulb in the corner of a room.

I did try to make one for myself trice, but it was a failed experiment. Nonetheless I am going to make one for myself soon.

Putting up a few pictures from Google for inspiration

This post is written for ABCW - J
PC: Google Images/japanese Lantern

Thursday, March 10, 2016

FF: My Sunshine

PHOTO PROMPT - © Emmy L GantWhenever I am lonely I come here
To shed a silent tear

The clouds remind me, of cotton candies I loved as a kid
I miss my parents, I meant to call them. I swear, I did

Suddenly, like the sunshine tearing out of the clouds
My mobile phone started ringing out loud

I see, screen flashing a name
It was Mom

She changed the lone tear to a happy one

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3WW: Life is a teacher

Lovely clothes, Tasteful fashion
But, what you lack is the compassion

You live in a society of give and take
Your caring attitude is so obviously fake

You think people are stupid & can't see your selfish nature
Someday you will realize, when karma will hit you hard. 
My friend, this realistic life is the biggest teacher

This post is written for Three word Wednesday - 470

Monday, March 7, 2016

ABCW & Mag: Letter

In this age when people live on emails
I prefer the snail mails

I love the feel of the handmade paper
I love to think the look in his eyes when he opens the letter

I wonder, if the perfume on the letter shall remind you of me
In this letter, I have let me heart run free

I have put in that dried rose on top
Thinking of that day, I wish time would just stop

Hope you read it and reply
Its hard and after all this years again, I don't want to say Goodbye

This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 308 and ABCW-L

Friday, March 4, 2016

FF: Him

They had been together for 6 months now. He was her dream. He had been doing well until today.
Copyright-Sean Fallon
PC: Sean Fallon

Suddenly, he started behaving lousy, making weird noises, breaking everything around.

She wondered what happened.
She didn’t want him to fail. He was her last hope.

Then she said “Let me try changing him”

So, she took 5 batteries from her battery jar & put it in her experimental robot. And now he is working fine again

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3WW: 50 shades

When I read the three words for this Wednesday, the only thought that came into my mind was Fifty Shades of Grey

"He commanded her to strip herself naked, under the close scrutiny of his piercing eyes. And as per the clauses. she had to obey for she was his Submissive"

This post is written for Three Words Wednesday - 469