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Friday, July 29, 2016

FF: Shopping Cart

copyright -Janet Webb
PC: Janet M Webb
I am Mr. Shopping Cart
I used to stay in a pretty mart

People came in crowds and took me away
Through the aisles I used to sway

That morning, it rained all day
That night was worse than the day

Water started seeping inside the mart
We wheeled towards the door, me and the other shopping kart

Its been two days,
This town is flooded and in daze

No one has come to the mart
I miss people, I miss my mart
With love from Mr. Shopping Cart

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Monday, July 25, 2016

SSB: Toenails

Pregnancy has bloated me so
much that I cant even see my
pretty painted crimson red toenails

This post is written for Sunday Scribblings (PC: wikipedia)

SWG: Sad Garden

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Her Garden" by Donald Hall: garden, hummingbird, hover, weeds, burdock, peony, patterns, softening, stem, dwindle, loss, whirring 

There was a little garden
Abandoned and neglected

Tall grass, weeds, peonies, daisies and burdock grew here
A tree stood there for ages, watching the garden go dilapidated

A branch or stem would dwindle in the wind
It would fall on the ground, feeling so dejected
The old tree would cry for its loss

Birds stopped coming to this garden and that tree
That day, the hope of in the garden's heart ended

Then one day, a miracle happened
A humming bird, hovered on the tree
On the sky making patterns, like three

The garden heard the whirring sound of a machine
And laughter of kids, it felt so serene

The kids cleaned the garden
They softened it mud

The garden started to smile again
Its glow was seen in the flowers

Now, the garden is the favorite places for kids from here 
Even now the, the hummingbird hovers around

Who is that hummingbird, the garden wonders
I'm the wish of your heart that went to Lord, says the hummingbird

This post is written for Sunday Whirlgig - 69

Monday, July 18, 2016

SWG: Game

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "A Man Then Suddenly Stops Moving" by Alberto Rios: lonely, cook, plum, buttocks, game, flick, thumb, parakeet, sits, nags, turn, shelf 

A lonely cook sits on his favorite chair
His buttocks huge and bare

He loved to hear the cluck sound of his thumb
The game he called "Flick the thumb"

Nearby lived a parakeet with his wife
 photo 051116b6-6b84-4204-97ad-2ee487098a8a_zpst9netpiq.jpgWho nagged him all his life

She wanted that red plum that sat on the cook's shelf
The reluctant husband parakeet ran to get it, to save himself

He saw the cook playing his game alone
The parakeet felt sad and joined the cook for his turn

Now, every 5 seconds a Cluck resonates the room
The lonely cook & the nagged parakeet have found solace in this small room

This post is written for Sunday Whirlgig

Friday, July 15, 2016

FF: Bad Day

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Sandra Crook
PC: Sandra Crook

I woke up that morning to find a note that my wife has left me.

With a heavy heart, I get ready to leave for work but m y car won’t start.

When my car started after 30 minutes, I drove and my car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

When I repaired and started to move, I got stuck in between a flock of sheeps

Then, I get a phone call on my cellphone that my office building has collapsed and many lives were lost.

Then, I get an sms that, my wife’s paramour is in jail and she is back home

Sometimes, God has his way to save you and make things perfect, even if that means “bad day”

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers