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Monday, August 31, 2015

FF: Being Followed

PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller

For many people this may sound fake, or made up or even funny. But, for me this is what I went through.

I got my first job as a night security in the morgue of a very old hospital. It paid well so I took it up.

I took rounds every night and this place gave an eerie feeling as if these levers move and I am being followed.

So,I decided to put a camera here and what I saw made my every bone shiver.

Whenever I did my rounds, behind me the levers do turn and those dead souls follow me all night.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

WOW: Writer

I am a writer, I swear on God I am!

Not that any of my books have been published, neither has it even reached the stage where an editor has ever proof read it. 
But, I am a writer.

I have that typical lost faraway look, I have a loose bag. I sit in a corner of a coffee shop alone, with the laptop open in front of me, a cup of coffee that has run cold and I have made a million dots on my notepad by just tapping it with my pencil when I am thinking. 
I have also broken many pencils doing this, and I also chew the back of the broken pencil when I am in deep thought of what I am about to write.

I have progressed, I have a MsWord screen open in front of me with one sentence that says "I am a writer"

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Got published again WOW-Writer

Thursday, August 27, 2015

TT: Pair

God Said "I have made every being in pairs"

He said "Prove it"

God "Well Son, I made hands, legs, eyes, ears all in pairs. 
But I made one heart, why? its for you to find your other pair.
 I made fingers as 5 each, why? so that you can find someone else to fill the gaps and make it a pair"

This post is written for Theme Thursday - Pair

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3WW: Crime

She was a single girl in a new city
She loved to merry & party
She saw this lovely little dress in a store
She brought it, and loved what she wore

He saw her with a menacing greed
Her nubile flesh he wanted to feed

He wanted a chance to get her alone
In the lift, she was on the phone
As it moved, he became all violent & rampant

Her screams turned into agonizing moans
Her virginity was a history
He unraveled her like crazy mystery

He dressed and walked off like nothing happened
Little did he realize that, her state was worst than he would have ever imagined.

She called for help to people known & unknown
The said "Look at that dress, look at that drink, look at that lipstick"
She is a slut, she deserves to be thrown

His justification to himself was
She was alone & she looked at me
She wanted it, I gave it to her & set her free

This post is to all the men who think that women who are single and party and wear cute dresses are inviting you to them. 
No, they aren't.
 Keep your pants up. Respect Women for what they are. 
Someday, if someone does this to someone you love, you wont be justifying his actions

WODW: Smile

One thing I have learnt in my life, wherever you go, whichever country you go, even if you do not know the language you can survive.
One thing that is Free and makes you popular and likeable "Smile"

Its a universal language, if you smile at someone, you like it or not, that smile will be returned.

You never know, one small smile of yours might make someone's gloomy day beautiful.

So, Smile - Its free. Its for All.

One Smile can change the way the world looks at you, but never make one incident o this world change the way you smile

ABCW: Glow of God

This is a true story

PC: Indian Mythology

I, with my family were going to a holy place called Triambakeshwar Shiva Temple in Maharashtra, India. 
It was raining heavily, and twice our car was about to skid off the road. By the time we were half way through, it was pitch dark, we were cruising through a thick forest, and we were lost for sure.
And, amidst all this, our car broke down in that jungle. 

It was 11 pm already and we had almost lost our hopes of finding our way out, and my mother started chanting prayers.

Right then, a man, who looked like a snake charmer, came singing a Shiva's song and asked my father in the local language
"You look lost, Go straight for exactly 5 minutes, and take a right"
Dad: "But, I cant see anything"
Him "Trust in me, I am there" and he smiled and walked away singing"

This man had a very different aura about him, a very charming smile, He had a faint glow on his face.
We started our car and drove to where he said.

Suddenly, from the back of the car my brother got all excited "See, see, that man is glowing"
For a fraction of a second, we felt that light, and he vanished.

It was pitch dark again and we drove in silence to the direction he gave us and we were right outside the temple.

We don't know who he was. We don't know if he really was there or not.
But all 4 of know that maybe, just maybe, we met God

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - G

Friday, August 21, 2015

FF: Demolished Dreams


In this big concrete jungle, all I wanted to do as open a place that would save all the homeless animals. 

I did build a nice building for them, with everything an animal would love. I made the best medical facility. I made a very nice indoor and outdoor garden for them. I made a room look like jungle so that they don’t miss home.

But, the goons in this city hated me for this. Last night, they barged in with torches and brutally killed all my animals and demolished my place.
This is my last letter to this city. I shall never come back.

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

3WW: That Woman

That vile woman that she is
That nasty bitch
She makes me weep
With pain & ecstasy
When she kneels in front of me
That sexy look, that she gives
That purring noise that she makes
How many times have I dreamt about her pouting lips
How many times have I wanted to feel her curves
Oh, woman! How I wish you could be for real
How crazily I wish you to be real

ABCW: F for Five

Pic Courtesy: www.majorspoilers.com/Google Images
I.Five things I love about myself
1. I am awesome
2. I can smile through any pain
3. I was pushed down to the ground but came out real strong
4. I can easily make friends
5. I have taken tough decisions and stood by it, even when the whole world was against me

II.Five things I hate about myself
1. I am very emotional
2. I am insecure when it comes to love relationships
3. I open up too easily.
4. I cant differentiate between real and fake care
5. I speak out my opinion too bluntly, I should sugar-coat it more

III.Five facts about me
1. I can sleep for straight 48 hours
2. I love to change my display pictures on Facebook & Whatsapp, but I am an Anonymous on Twitter & Instagram
3.I love to read books, and can finish a book in 2 days but if the book is boring even 2 years is not enough and I prefer paperbacks to Kindles
4.My qualification & my job are not even closely related to each other
5. I have two tattoos on myself

IVFive things I want in life
1. My own nice house, that I decorate
2. I want to drive a manual car like a pro
3. I want a nice powerful position, that pays me well
4. I want my family to be happy, health, wealthy and loving with each other
5. I want my blog to reach the top

VFive things I am grateful for in life
1. My family
2. My job
3. The people in my life who have cared and been there for me
4. For my experiences, that has made me a stronger and a better person
5. Lastly, My God, for keeping me blessed in every situation

This post is written for ABC Wednesday 17 - F

Friday, August 14, 2015

FF: Competition

Somewhere, there was a Bug University. 
The bugs there join as worms and graduate as butterflies or moths or or whatever they major in.
There was this really cute-hot-queen bee that 2 moths from different football leagues wanted to impress.
So, the queen bee said “Who ever reaches that board first, walking and not flying will get to go to the Senior prom with me. And may get lucky that night too”
So, the two moths started their race from the ground. 
They had ants, bees, works, flies, every insect cheering for them.
Who shall get the bee, Any Guesses? 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

TT: Someone

I wish for that someone, Whom I could call mine
Near or far, atleast he is mine

My eyes wander day and night
Tears are hard to fight
If only it could be wiped
I wish for that someone, whom I could call mine

I have so much to say
I have so much to share
All my love, All my time
I wish for that someone, whom I could call mine

Some promises forgotten
Some memories in my heart
Loneliness is a life's part
How I wish to be hugged and protected.
How I wish for that someone, whom I could call mine

This post is written for Theme Thursday - Someone

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

3WW & ABCW: Loves or Not Loves?

He is a charmer. He is the bad boy.
I am crazy about him and he doesn't even know I exist

Maybe he does know, he gives me an enigmatic look when he passes by
But, does he give that to everyone?
I does the exact same things that, he knows irritate me

He smiles at me, he winks, he helps me at times
But, maybe that is his nature
Is he just playing with me or does he like me?

I hate this gruesome, awful feeling of confusion.
With this flower, I sit in this park, I see him watching me plucking each petal saying to myself
"He loves me" "He loves me not"

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - Enigmatic, Gruesome, Irritate and ABC Wednesday - E "Expressing"

This is my first time on ABC Wednesday - I missed ABC and D, I hope its ok to start from E
And with this small story I wish to express Love, Confusion, Crush

WODW & FSF: Breakfast

With this word, i am reminded what my Grampa used to say

"Never ever start work or make any decisions before a hearty breakfast"

"You no have breakfast, You no shit"

"You no shit, shit goes to head and you make shitty decisions"

So yeah, it ends up being the most important meal of the day

This post is written for -Write or Die Wednesdays  by Mia of The Chronicles of Chaos and Vashelle of Shelly’s Cabaret 
This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction - Breakfast

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FSF: Lipstick

There is a girl who comes to my Coffee Shop everyday, and orders "Cappuccino in a paper Mug".

I have been crazy about this girl for as long as I remember.

I don't know her name, I don't know where she stays, I know nothing about her.

All I know is the shades of her lipsticks.

How? because I have a collection of every cup that she has had her coffee in, that has the mark of her lips

This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction - Lipstick

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mag: Teen Confessions

Things I regret doing when I was a teen

I was infatuated with the wrong men,
I bared myself to them.
I was used and thrown
Like someone who is worth the unknown

I smoked, I smoked up
I had weed, I had my dope
I thought it would take me to another world
I thought it would free me from what I am
That smoke that rose, gave me immense satisfaction
Little did I know it was a temporary gratification
What it did then I feel now
It ruined my life, and how

I was too blind to see,
That my parents always wanted all the good for me
I went away when they needed me
To people who never really cared
Now when I look\around, its my family that is standing here on my death bed

All I want to say is,
I was never a bad girl, Mumma
I just strayed.
I know you loved & you cared, Pappa
I am sorry I never saw that
I was a bad example, my little brother
Never ever do what I did

I promise to come back, I promise to be the girl you want me to be
I promise that I love you, now and forever, till we meet again

This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 282

Sunday, August 9, 2015

WOW: That Gruesome Day

There is one image I cannot get out of my head ever in my life.

Well, there is this little story I really want to share.

I had to get a medical test done for some Government thingy, and it had to be done by Govt run hospitals only.
And, being new in this city, I knew only two Govt hospitals. The first one I ran from pillar to post and didn't get my work done.
And the second Govt hospital is the one, I swore to God I would never go back again and also prayed that no one should ever go to this kind of place again even if that person happens to be my sworn enemy.

Well, if you want to know what gruesome is, please visit the "Burns Ward' of a Govt hospital. The sight will want you to thank god and your parents to bless you.

In toto, of 5 beds in the ward with badly burnt human bodies, a flimsy net with holes covering them. Other about 60% odd burnt human bodies lying on the floor, with their relatives fanning off the insects from over them. Rats running around the ward that is supposed to be quarantined and speck clean. Chipping walls, that acrid stench of damp walls, flesh, sweat and medicines would make you cringe.
After, you pass this ward and come out, that is another sight that would make you want to either cry or run off as fast and as far as possible.

A man with an amputated bleeding hand plastered in rags, a crying baby in its mothers arms, all lying outside the hospital under scorching sun waiting for someone from the hospital to attend to them.

This is the plight of the poor of this country, free-run hospitals are least bothered about the people, their health or anything. I wonder, where do the tax-payers money go.
Got Published in Write Over Weekend - August 9th
I wonder, what is the point of the doctors taking an oath to save peoples lives. i wonder, what happen to basic humanity. I just wonder..

Oh, in the end of all of that I did not get my work done, because the doctor did not turn up.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Got Published in Write Over Weekend - August 9th

Saturday, August 8, 2015

FF: Sacrifice

I won this ticket to this new band “Sacrificing Souls”.I don’t remember entering any contest of any sort. Neither do I know the name of this band.

I was all excited to fly out of Florida for the 1st time ever. I reached the airport late that night and was received by this rather cruel looking guy wearing a long robe. He took me through a scary looking forest and what I saw froze me.

Human sacrifice.

I jumped out of the jeep and ran as fast as possible.

The police found me sedated on the corner of the highway

Thursday, August 6, 2015

APED: Smile


I have a friend who is a little gloomy off late.
My only suggestion to him i, "Look at yourself in the mirror and do eeeeee"
Do that at least 10 times, Trust me, If that gloominess doesn't leave your world yo can change my name to anything you want

Dr. Dee prescribes,

See Mirror

This post is written for A Prompt Each Day - Prompt 67

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3WW: Food for Thought

A two liner Food for Thought

The behavior of people with drug addiction might look irrational to people who are not addicted to it.
If you look at their lives, you realize that they are powerless to be defiant on themselves, unless they have someone to control them against that filth

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - Addiction, Defiant, Filth

Monday, August 3, 2015

Rules of Couple Fights

Every couple fight, newly weds, dating, married for ages, every couple have misunderstanding and it does flare up many times.
Fights make a relationship stronger if stuck to it code

But, there are certain ethics of a couple fight. Lets call them Codes of Couple Fights

Do not verbally abuse or use foul language Its not nice to abuse a person in the fit of anger,no one likes to be called an a$$h88e or a Sh!*H3@d or a Fu*ker, right?

Do not involve family member names Its a fight between you two, do not name any family member in it. People are sensitive about their family. Never involve her mother, his brother, her sister, his father, his aunt, his uncle. No, steer clear of that territory

Fight that particular topic Like I said, couples fight. But, when you fight, fight on the topic in hand and do not bring up some old topic, and old stories, it will just increase the fight and the whole topic of the fight will be sidelined, and the fight will be flaring up in some different direction.

Do not sleep over a fight As far as possible, dont sleep with a fight without closing it. Its better to finish the fight that start a new day with than old fight.
Although, there might be some topics that might just extend,that might need more talking, more sorting. For such topics, sit discuss come to a conclusion.

Accept apology If your partner is apologizing, accept it. The relationship matters more, than the fight.

Closure never leave a fight open, its like an open wound, if it isnt closed it is going to rot the relationship. Come to a conclusion. Ever issue has a solution. Find one and stick to it.

We fight with the people whom we love the most. But, don't  fight so much that the hate creeps in and takes the place of love

Sunday, August 2, 2015

WOW: Is it a dream?

I shifted into a new house, that has a pretty garden and nice beautiful attic. I plan to convert the Attic into a reading room, and I have in mind the perfect old blue sofa with soft fabric, already lying in the attic. It will give a Victorian feel to the reading room.

Wait a minute? What is this behind the sofa, a diary?

Oh my God, its dated in the 1800's, Wow!
This is treasure.

I have to read this, *opens the book* and FLASH

Where am I?

Who is this? Why does it look like me/ And What am I wearing?

Tailed waistcoat? and super fine china? I can't afford that?

Something is surely wrong here? *closes book*

Still sitting in the attic, thinking *Was this my dream? Or was that book a Time Machine*

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Got featured on Write Over Weekend - August 2nd

Mag 281: Queen of the forest

In a most beautiful forest, lived little forest men and women. Their lives only motive was to keep the forest green and alive. Their forest's life was in heart of their Queen.

The biggest worry of the little forest people was humans. they destroy everything green and build concrete jungles with big machines. Those machines that uproot all the trees from their roots so much so that the trees will never ever grow again.

In an attempt to save the oldest and the most loved Banyan tree. The queen and her little men took charge to save it.

In that battle, the queen got hit by a burning cigarette and she falls down in the ground of the forest she loved.
Before dying the queen pierces her heart and gives the "Heart of the forest" for safe keeping with her last command
"Give it to someone who truly cares about the forests"

And then, the Queen took her last breath.