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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

FF: Halloweens can be emotional too

“Mom…Mom….” *the pitch rises* “Mooom” screams Riley from the garage like room
“Yes, Riley?”
“I need a Holowine costume. Everyone in school is talking about it”
PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Fuller
PC: Claire Fuller
“Its Haloween and honey, you know we don’t have that kind of money”
“But, we have all this trinkets, these twine and sea things, make something for me”

Mom resigned to Riley’s innocence

“OK, I will make a mermaid costume for you”
“Yay, Now I will feel a part of my friends and not lonely as usual”
“Are you lonely?” asks mom
“I have no friends; they say I’m not one of them”

That evening a mother hugged her child with tears in her eyes in the dim light of the refugee camp

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ABCW: Optimism

"Morning" or "Good Morning" is your choice
In this moment, be sad or rejoice

Be Optimistic, and never give up
Life isn't always happy, so when you fall get up

Dust yourself and smile wide
Believe you can, you sure are on the right side

Optimism, doesn't mean being happy everyday
It means, there is something small to be happy about each day

Let the world, throw things at you, trying to pull you down
You my friend, imagine wearing an invisible crown
Look them in the eye and day "Sweet world, nothing is going to pull me down"

Forget all the reasons, why it won't work. Think of that one reason why it will
Be Happy, find a reason to smile everyday
Be Optimistic

PC: sciencewellness

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3WW: Love at first sight

PC: dog.net
The woods with tall trees overlooked my backyard
That area of the house, we as kids were barred

One day while I was alone at home
I heard a beautiful rhythm that soon filled every room

I followed the sound, and felt it coming from the dark woods
I went as close as I could

Suddenly, I heard a raspy voice sing
It was hoarse but beautiful to my hearing

I was mesmerized, and I walked to the forbidden zone
There my singer sat, on the bank of the river, with tears in her eyes
In  moonlight, her radiance shone

I wanted to call out to her, but my voice seems lost
She felt a someone watching her and made a sudden pause

Our eyes met, she was frightened and I was at awe
She turned back and ran into the woods, while I stood there rooted at my spot

Twenty years past to that night
That was when I started to believe in "Love at first sight"

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday

FF: Honey, I shrunk my honey

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PC: Rochelle-Wisoff Fields
*plip* chimed the phone at 10.01am
“Hey Honey, I am the the grocery store. Need to buy some stuff. Be home soon. Love you”

*plip* chimed the phone again a little too soon at 10.02am
“Hey Honey, just wanted to tell you, your shrink ray machine is sounding weird. You might to check it out after work”

Jon came back home after work that evening
“Rita, I am home”

No sound. He tried to call her. And all he could hear is a tiny bell sound.
He waited for her all eve and started to worry as the night set.

Then he saw the shrunk, shopping cart on the dining table

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


That's my mom and baby me
You bore all that pain, with seriously nothing to gain
You got a brat like me, even then you stood like a pillar with me

For all that little, big and so many things that you do, I should say a thousand Thank You
For all the times I have screamed and made you cry, I am sorry, I really am

For the times that I have forgotten, for the times I have been busy with my friends
For the times you have stayed awake for me all night
For the times I havent picked up your call
For the times I havent been nice to you at all
After years, those are the times I hate myself most of all

You were there when I needed you
You stopped and listened when I spoke to you
You taught me compassion, and the power of education
You taught me the value of money

You are my first love
You are m queen
You mean a lot to me

Sometimes I may not say
Sometimes some words are unspoken
All I need to say to you Mom
"I Love you, I really do"