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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Old Couples

When I see an old couple, even for that matter my parents and in-laws, if gives me this happy-warm feeling inside.

Two people, unknown to each other, together for so many years in spite of so many differences. Its just amazing.

They have and are, actually following their marriage vows.

They stand by each other in thick and thin
They share sorrows, happiness, smiles, tears
They help each other in every possible way
They have unconditionally loved each other for so many years
They have been an emotional pillar for each other
They have mentally, taken care of each other. Hugged each other when required
They have supported each other financially
They have grown together
They have fought, kissed and made up

Now, in the fast-food days, we need everything this instant. If something is wrong in the relationship, instead of understanding, adjusting, compromising and talking it out, we end up breaking the relationship.
That is exactly why divorces these days have become very common.

I want a marriage like the old couple. I want the time when Marriage was for keeps

"Its easy to break a marriage, it takes effort to keep it going strong"