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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

FF: Will he call?

PC: Rochelle Wisoff Fields
She stood here alone reminiscing the previous night. Her fingers went up to her slightly bruised lips, those lips curved into a sly smile.

She could still feel, him holding her hand on this path, her first and the only man whom she has been crushing on for 20 years now and suddenly, he pushed her up that wall, and started to kiss her passionately. It was just as she had read in her teenage Mills & Boon novel.

This morning, he said he will call her. She was hoping more rendezvous like last night.

Question is, Will he really call?

This post is written for Friday Ficitoneers

3WW: Good-Bye

I was at work when I wrote this post. As usual, I logged in and typed  "Three Words Wednesday" , the site that I have memorized for my Wednesday afternoons.

Picture Courtesy
I read the first line and tears welled up my eyes, I have been associated with you for only two years, but have come to love the prompts.

I wipe my tears haphazardly smudging my kohl in the process, before any of my colleagues notice that I was crying.

Good-byes are hard on me. I keep thinking, about why's and what if's

Thank you 3WW for a wonderful two year journey.

I am going to miss you.

Also, I am logging off before I start shedding more tears.

This is the last post written for Three Word Wednesday - Memorize, Goodbye and Haphazard

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WPS: Failed Experiment

'Yaay! My new creation, My motor car, that will run on air power' Marin was so proud of his creation

 Pitcairn Islands, Google Maps
'Let's take a test ride' He said to himself

'Woah! Woah! Woah! Shit! I didn't factor the wind in the beach, OMG what am I going to do'

*the tiny car speeds through the stony path and halts with a thud, smoke emanates from the font of it*

'Damn, another failed experiment'

'Err, now how do I take this this back home?'

'Let me think about that later, Its time for sleep' *zzzzzz* Marin sleeps

This post is written for What Pegman Saw - Pitcairn Islands