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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


D is my favorite letter in the alphabet family
My poem for the day is about Lamp and Light, no it ain't silly
On the 21st of January many years back when the night was chilly
Was born a baby girl in Mr. Ramakrishnan's family

The baby, lit up their lives and made them so happy
They wanted to name her something, that would suit her personality
They named her the Sanskrit meaning of lamp that lights

The name they chose starts with the alphabet of the day "D"
The name of the writer, Mrs. Dash is the same
"Deepa" is my real name

This post is written for ABC-Wednesday

Monday, January 30, 2017

12 Weeks of Letter Writing Challenge

I am going to start a 12 week letter challenge. 

Write a letter every Monday for 12 weeks starting from January 30th. 
I got this idea from Jade Costello

The link to add your letter will be active for seven days starting from Monday, 10 am IST/ Sunday, 8.30 pm Pacific Time

The topics, are the same as Jade's. I thought it will be a cool idea to write on;

This is the plan:

Week 1: Write a letter to your best friend(s).

Week 2: Write a letter to your mum/dad or both.

Week 3: Write a letter to any other family member of your choice.

Week 4: Write a letter to your ex.

Week 5: Write a letter to someone who’s hurt you.

Week 6: Write a letter to that stranger who was nice to you

Week 7: Write a letter to your favorite teacher.

Week 8: Write a letter to someone whom you have hurt sometime

Week 9: Write a letter to your significant other or future SO.

Week 10: Write a letter to your teenage self.

Week 11: Write a someone who is not alive but very special

Week 12: Write a letter to yourself, now

Week 13: How did you feel when you wrote these letters? Share your experiences 

Do spread the work and participate. If you are participating, spread the word and publish your blog post in the link below. 
Please post only the participating post and not the blog url
Any post that is not relevant to the topic will be removed.

Week 1: Letter to my best friend

This is the first week of the "Letter Challenge" and the first topic is to write a letter to your best friend. Here is mine

Dear Besties,

We have know each other for so long. We met, we fought, we stopped talking to each other, we hurt each other, we grew up. We still love each other, don't we?

Thank you for putting up with me all these years. I know I am not an easy person to deal with. You have listened to my sob stories patiently without judging me. I love you for everything you have ever done for me. You stood by me in all my good and bad times. You advised me when i was going wrong. You cheered for me. You are always there for me.

We stay far, from each other, having our own families. We might not be in touch every day. I just want you to know that I really love you. Thank you.

Thanks dear

You are very special

Submit your letters for this week in the link below.
This link will be open for seven days. Any posts that are not relevant to the topic will be removed

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3WW: Don't waste water

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - parched, rotund, scandalous

Everyone in this village were thin. The land in this village started to crack. The villagers looked at the sky that was burning of the heat from the sun.
The land and the people looked parched.

Just then a fancy car stopped by and a group of merciless teenagers got down. While others looked around a rotund, mean looking boy got out a huge water bottle, took two sips and poured the rest of the water on he ground.

The villagers gave him a scandalous look.

All that a calm, leader of the village told the boy "You waste water now, you will not have water ever"

Will this change the teenagers the mind?

FF: Runaway Car

PC: Al Forbes
“OMG, They are gone” groaned the manager. He was almost in tears of panic “They were worth 100 million each, how could we lose them over night?”

Somewhere, many miles away two oldies giggled with an Egyptian Life giving plaque on their seat and said to each other “Paul, I always loved you for 80 years, and its high time we went on a random trip like this”

Paul, the car, winked with his headlight to his wife Jane, the car.

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WPS: Blessing is disguise

It was 7am in the morning and the sun fell on the beautiful holy place. This place is known for not having shadows at any time of the day because of the way it was built.

The myth was, the shadow fell, only when the Lord answers a sincere prayer.
5 Red Square, Moscow, Russia

“how could you be so nasty Wayne?’ came a wail from the top floor of the building.
“We stay right opposite to the holy place, and look at you” was the same pleading voice again.

The priest of the holy place felt a pang of pity for the woman. He then saw her kneel next to the window facing the holy place and pray.

At that moment, a miracle happened, the shadow of the holy place fell on the woman’s window like a blessing. 

The shadow was not a myth anymore.

This post is written for What Pegman Saw

ABCW: Celebrate

I am very happy that ABC Wednesday will be starting it next innings soon. I did a little happy dance with a big smile on my face.

Since, its a happy moment, my word for this week is Celebration

Celebrate each day in your life
Cherish each moment, find a way to smile
There is today, might or might not have a tomorrow
Celebrate  today, Celebrate now
Past is gone, lessons are learn, memories are made
Celebrate what you had, Celebrate what you have and what you will
Spread your cheer far and wide, just like the ABC Wednesday team
Across the oceans, in a different time zone they made me smile
Celebrate everything small and big

Make a vow, that from now on, no matter what, You shall Celebrate your life.

This post is written for ABCW - C

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Since this is supposedly the last season of ABC Wednesday, that I have come to love and I hate that it is ending so soon. But, I am hoping that we have a Season 2 of ABC Wednesday.

Well, here is my take on the alphabet B. My word for today is BIG

I think one should

Think BIG
Believe BIG
and the results will be BIG

Some might say, you dream too BIG
Tell them, they think too small

You are not an average person
God, has put you in this planet, to do something BIG

You might feel you are no one to this world
But, you might be a BIG part of someone's life

Live Life
Live it Large

This post is written for ABC Wednesday

WPS: Miracles on Highways

PC: Google Maps: Landers, California
Myan cursed his luck standing in that deserted highway. He really wanted to reach home for the Christmas and surprise his mother. He felt, the pain in her voice, when Myan said he won’t make it this year.

And just like luck would have it, his bike broke down and at nowhere, then he remembered his mother’s words “Have faith, Pray and miracles will happen”

Myan knelt on the dusty side of the highway and closed his eyes, he saw his mother’s smiling face. He took a deep breath and said aloud “I want to see that smiling face in real”

Right then, there was a loud honk and Myan opened his eyes with a startle, a group of college kids, going towards his hometown offered him a lift.

Myan looked up the sky and smiled “Miracles do happen in highways” he thought

This post is written for What Pegman Saw

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

FF: Grounded

After 30 Missed Calls from Mom, when panic creeps in and you confess the truth

"Sorry Mom, I was drunk out of my head when I built that track-road. I am not sure what"

For a moment she is fine, then she sees the rail-road whatever...and hell breaks loose

I am grounded for a week.

Thank you. Signing Off.
Bob the Builder

PC: Ce Ayr
This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

WPS: Every night

Every night, when the village sleeps, this old dilapidated building comes to life.
The earth below this building shakes violently and ground tears apart
She who was murdered ages back, rises from the dead
Searching for the man to whom she lost her heart
When the moon is full, and lights up the sky
She lures some man, and brings him here to die
Every carving is actually the name of the dead men

This will happen, till she unites with her man again

Image Source

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ABCW - Alphabet

I am going to start my this set of ABC week's post with just one profound sentence

"Our entire life, all of our thoughts, our every emotion, from birth to death, is situated within 26 characters called ALPHABETS"

Need I say more?

Image source

This post is written for ABCW - A

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

3WW: Lonely

PC: imgpad

He made himself hateful
He did everything wrong
People stopped talking to him and named him incorrigible
But, in real he was just a lone hurt man with a gaping void in his heart
All he wanted was love and someone to care about him
Was that too much to ask for?

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday

FF: At 12am

PC: Sandra Crook
He had made all his calculations. He had also kidnapped the care taker. He looked like just another guy on the street. Nothing was suspicious about him. He took advantage of being almost invisible and slowly entered the old clock tower. 
He went down the spiral stairs. He knew every nook of this clock tower.

He didn’t have much time. He placed his booty at the pendulum and hurried to connect it to the gears.

He gave a mean smile and said “Today, while the world celebrates its new year at 12am. When this clock strikes 12….it will be BOOM”

He walked away.

The world woke up to the news "BOMB BLAST AT CENTRAL CLOCK TOWER"

This post is written for Friday Fictioneer

WPS: Castle in my Head

WARNING: This post contains lightening effects in its picture.

When I saw this picture, I for some reason could see it in Black and White with lightening around it. It gave me this horror movie scene like feeling in my head, with scary howling background music
In fact, most o the buildings in Edinburgh give me that old ancient feel.

Original Picture
Picture in my head

This post is written for What Pegman Saw

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I have always been fascinated about the Japanese spiritual culture, especially the Zen culture.

What is Zen?

noun: Zen; noun: Zen Buddhism
  1. A Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures.
    Japanese, literally ‘meditation’, from Chinese chán ‘quietude’, from Sanskrit dhyāna ‘meditation’.

Source: Wikipedia

I am listing down ten really beautiful Zen quotes that can be used in daily life

May this year bring you a lot of Happiness and peace of mind.

Happy New Year!

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - Z

Monday, January 2, 2017

SWG: Heartbreak

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "The New Year" by Jason Shinder: bottom, breath, blue, dressed, drowning, discovered, match, mirror, mine, losing, love, lap 

They discovered a few things from a ship that sunk into the deep bottom of the Arabian sae 38 years ago.
She is 88 now and they showed her that old ornate mirror, with a 
She said with a lump in her throat "yes, that's mine"
That mirror had so many memories etched in it.

It has the memory of that fateful night.
On the wrenched ship, That little match and there was fire all over.
She was dressed for her ball, the day she fell in love.
The ship slowly sunk in the deep blue sea
Amoungst the drowing people, admidst the fire, he said he had loved her.
That day, he breath the last, on her lap
The pain of losing the only man she ever loved stayed with her for life.

This post is written for Sunday Swirligig