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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SSS: Dress Online

I own only Tshirts, jeans and jumpsuits.
Lessons Learnt PC
I have never invested in dresses, especially those classy looking fancy ones, simply because I can't afford them.
But, I wanted to look stunning for my brother's engagement, because I knew Martin, my childhood crush and my brother's best friend would surely be there.
I wanted to impress him, and look much drop dead gorgeous, that he should be floored.
So, I surfed online and ordered for this stunning beige color dress, which had cuts at the right places and showed skin, just enough to grab attention, the dress was supposed to arrive today and I was so eager to see it and wear it.
It did come on time, but, the dress broke my heart, and I have nothing to wear for the party tomorrow, I am doomed and I am in tears while writing this

This post is written for Six Sentence Story - Dress

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

APM: Cry of the River

Your prompt for this week is:

"The last river on earth writes a poem. What does it say?"

With tears, I fill myself
I swirl and run towards my love, the sea
But, my love, he is nowhere to be seen
I look back, at the place where I was born
My mother, the mountains are also gone
Where are the trees that my parents told me about
I wish for the rains to come out
But, my wish would never be fulfilled
For, Mother earth has already been killed

With hot winds wafting
And people, along my way stealing
The thrash that is polluting me
Please, people don't fight for me
For, I am free

Remember, you humans, when I am gone
Without water, you will regret the day you were born

This post is written for Airplane Poetry Movement #05

Monday, January 22, 2018

APM: Scream

The poem is written with the last line of Vaibhav Sharma's poem to the previous prompt "All the screams I will hear by myself, I Promise."

All the screams I will hear by myself, I Promise.
Dadda, When uncle came to touch when I was five
I wasn't taught bad touches. Was I naive?
I cried I screamed, no one but I heard my screams

When uncle got his friends and when they took turns
I was only a ten, when I told you and mom about my "nu nu"'s burn
You asked me to keep quiet and said it was just a play
My heart cried & screamed, but the screams were heard just by me

My cousin, my best friend, uncle's son
He did what his father did, His hands pinched my tender growing breast
I was budding, I was just thirteen, I cried in pain with every thrust
Then, my tears and screams, no one heard but me

I came to you Dadda, with tears in my eyes & blood on my dress
You shooed me off and said family name mattered
I ask you Dadda, didn't you daughter ever matter?
My heart broke & cried every time I saw you entertain the uncle & his son
They used your child for their fun

What about the scars they left on my body?
What about the permanent scars they left on my heart?
What about the feeling that I can;t trust any man ever?
Dadda, did you ever care?

After so many years, I still cry myself to sleep.
You made me feel like it was my fault Dadda.
You made me feel like what happened was Ok
I scream out loud and wish the pain would go away
But Alas, the scream would be heard by no one by myself

This poem is written for Airplane Poetry Movement - #4

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

FF: Happy Wedding Anniversary

PC: J Hardy Carroll
We held hands here for the first time. I think we were about 13 then.
We kissed here on this roller-coaster for the first time. I can clearly remember the butterflies in my tummy then.
We got married in this very amusement park. I remember my mother fuming, she wanted a royal church wedding and called this place a mockery.
We got our kids here so regularly. Wow! I feel nostalgic.

Now, after 50 years of being together with you, this is the most beautiful wedding anniversary date I could ever have.

Thank you Mr.Husband, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

SSS: Ripped & Mended

My ex taught me to love.
My ex showed me how beautiful life can be.
My ex also made me feel the pain of seeing him with someone else.
My ex showed me that love can make me stay up all night,crying softly or weeping my heart out into my pillow and made me question myself why me?
My ex ripped my heart apart and broke it into a million pieces and made me wonder of how much more pain can I endure
Then, my current boyfriend and would-be husband came by, with a bucket load of smiles, love and lot of bandages, to mend my ripped apart, bruised and broken heart, making me realize how "True Love" feels like

This post is written for Six Sentence Story - Ripped

Monday, January 15, 2018

APM: I Promise to my Body

I promise, to my nice to you dear body
I swear to not abuse you anymore
You say, no booze, no drugs
I shall do that no more.
One more thing, I promise to you today
I shall not abuse you with junk food too
For you are my temple
And I promise to worship you with utmost devotion.

You dear body, are superb the way you are
The weight, the height, the shape of you is as perfect as it can be
I promise to never judge you for how you are

I promise to smile more and keep you happy
Most of all, I and you together are going to live a life that we truly wanted to Live, I promise
Aaichi Shapat! Mother Promise! God Promise! Pinky Promise

This post is written for Airplane Poetry Movement #3

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SSS: Her wage

"Some people can be so inconsiderate and manner-less" scowled Myra.

"How dare Nanshai ask me how much I earn? How and why does it matter to her? Does she pay my bills? Does she take care of my family?" Myra's voice started to quiver and tears started to form in her eyes

"Just because she got married and divorced to some rich investment banker and got a fat alimony cheque and is at home does not mean everyone has the luxury to do that, some people have to work their a$$ off to support their families" Myra continued to scowl

Zeeshan slowly rose up from his seat and walked up to Myra and put his arms around her from behind and said "I and our kids are very proud of my sweetheart"

A smile spread across Myra's lips.

Zeeshan released Myra from his hug and said "Besides, the monthly wage of a Chief financial officer and the boss of  Nanshai's husband..ex-husband..will obviously pique her curiosity no? Not everyone knows that the CFO has a huge home loan on her and gets worked up so easily at home" with that Zeeshan chuckled and left the room

This post is written for Six Sentence Story - Wage 

FF: Is it you or me

PC: Victor and Sarah Potter
I am in a tiny house, in a village where no one knows me, miles away from my past and away from an abusive husband. I am sitting here on a cold night with a cup of hot chocolate and staring at the neatly made cobweb.

I wonder, is that spider scared? 
Why has it made so many layers around it? 
How far has it traveled to settle here? 
Has it been used and beaten? 
Does it feel lonely? 
Will it ever find love? 
Will it ever be happy?

Suddenly, tears cloud my eyes while I think, Is it is spider or is it me that I am thinking about?

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Monday, January 8, 2018

APM: Darkness

The prompt to write this poem is "Without warning, you lose your eyesight. You don't feel any physical pain. The world around you goes dark, but all your other senses become sharp. Write a poem about how you react in the immediate aftermath."

The darkness has setting and it feels like a doomsday
The memories of every color is fading away

Doubts & losses are creeping its way
My fear is something that I can't say

So sudden, that I don't know what to do
In front, of me my whole life flew

All the doctors I went to, no hope is all they said
All my prayers are for my eyes so are every tear that shed

Every body part, that I took for granted
They came for my rescue when they were most wanted

My sense of smell and hearing rose
While, my finger tips now know, what it chose

I feel blessed to have such amazing family & friends
They stayed with me when I felt my life has come to an end

Today, I want to thank everyone and everything around
For holding me up, when I was down

This poem is written for Airplane Poetry Movement

SWG: Sadist Alice


THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Burning the Old Year" by Naomi Shihab Nye: doorknob, something, smallest, sizzle, shouts, dance, paper, flame, crackle, flammable, stone, dies 

There was something weird about Alice. I have seen her throw stones at neighbors windows and getting a sadistic pleasure out of it.

That evening, I can never forget, when Alice jammed the doorknob of the barn with their pet dog inside. She poured flammable liquid all around the barn and lighted a small paper a threw it on the liquid.
The dry grass crackled in the flame. Alice stood there doing a happy dance, while the people around screamed and shouted for help to douse the roaring fire.
People outside could here the smallest yelp of the little dog, as it inhaled enough smoke and eventually succumbed to it.
Slowly, the fire sizzled and died, but the body of the dog gave Alice a lot of satisfaction.

The post is written for Sunday Whirligig

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

SSS: Start of Forever

My first Six Sentence Story of the year has a lovely prompt: Start

They were planning to meet today for the first time after long conversations, first on emails, then calls, then chats, then on video calls but never in person.

Both have had their share of heart breaks in their lives and were nervous today.
They really wanted this to work out.

Their wavelengths matched, they were totally in sync, so felt in the conversations, they wanted it to be the same even in real, but with experience they knew to not keep their hopes high.

Now, its time, to meet each other, moments ticking, hearts beating, the world stops as they face each other, eyes meet, smiles spread, both of them instantly knew, this is start of a brand new, beautiful and mostly the most cherished chapters of their lives.

High up, somewhere in the heaven, God smiles and starts a chapter for them and titles it "Forever"

This post is written for Six Sentence Story

HNY: 50 Things I am Grateful for

I came across a post that said "Gratitude". It felt really good to read that post. Well, in the start of this new year, I would like to show my gratitude towards all the lovely things that happened in the past year.

First of, Happy New Year too everyone who drops by;

I love to concept of 50 Happy Things started by Dawn Landou. This is my first year of participating in such an amazing initiative and below listed are my 50 things that I am grateful about in 2017

1. My health improved
2. I reduced my weight and fit into my old dress
3. Clean eating habits
4. More exercising
5. I got promoted at work
6. Supportive husband
7. Always I had good food on my plate
8. Lovely pictures of me
9. Learning a new language (still learning)
10. Tiny funny moments at home that make me smile
11. Home deco projects
12. Made so many new blogging friends
13. Traveled to new places
14. Could afford to shop some fancy things
15. Lots of love and support from my family
16. My Daddy, my biggest support
17. A to Z challenge successful completion
18. I led a social cause drive and spent time with some orphans
19. New supportive friends at work
20. A warm bed
21. A good shower after a long day'
22. A warm cup of amazingly brewed coffee
23. Sitting on the swing of my balcony staring at the lake near by
24. Dancing in the rain on the streets
25. Switching from sugary tea to green tea
26.Learning to cook healthier dishes
27. A clean home
28. Ideas to decorate our new dream home
29. Late night movies
30. Curling my toes under me and leaning on my husband while watching those movies
31. Long chats
32. Singing along with the radio while driving
33. No alarm weekends
34. Using lipsticks for the first time in my life
35. Red lipstick
36. New haircut
37. Designing my brothers engagement invite
38. Buttermilk in an earthen container
39. Anklets
40. Dangling earrings
41. I wore those micro shorts for the first time in my life
42. Baking a healthy cake and getting it right the first time itself
43. An amazing camera on my phone
44. Facebook & Instagram
45. Mobile games
46. Books
47. New watch
48. New shoes
49. Best hot chocolate I had in one of my travels
50. Sugar level is now in control

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

APM: Mirror

I have been a lousy blogger all year last year. I haven't written as mush as i hoped to, but this new year I hope to change it.
So, I have signed up for a weekly poem prompt, hopefully by the end of this year I hope to have at least 100 poems in my kitty.

Prompt of the week: "Your mirror writes a poem for you. What does it say?"

I long to see you every morning

Those eyes so deep, that look, it seeps into me while you wear that kohl
How they blink while you wear that tiny bindi on your forehead

That lips that pout while u try on different colors on it
Out of all my favorite shade on you is red

When those matching earrings dangle in each ear
Every time a smile in my heart does spread

Every night while you comb that long black hair
You look so pretty, but prettier with that bed-head

When you aren't around
I feel so empty and dead

I am in love
For my sole existence is YOU


I am going to use a theme for this new A to Z posts. My theme for the 21st, A to Z Challenge is Life Quotes

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