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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The One

I always wanted a boyfriend or a partner, especially after all my friends started marrying and vanishing.
I yearned for a companion. I wanted to be loved, to be cared for. I wanted some one to miss me. I wanted someone to say "I love you" to me. I wanted to be kissed on the forehead when i was asleep. I wanted someone to hold my hand. I wanted someone to lookout for me.
It wasn't out of loneliness or peer pressure, it was genuinely what I wanted.

And came into the picture Win, he is the kind of person who would be lost in a crowd but will stand out of that same crowd for things he truly believes in.

I have dated a few men before, Win would never fit the typical date guy. He was the kind of guy you went to when you had a problem in your science project or maybe if your computer is giving you troubles.
But, after our one liner email interaction, i somehow knew that he is the one.

Yes, he isn't romantic. he doesn't remember dates. He doesn't know to dress up. he docent know to dance.
But, he treats me like a queen. He waited for me to come and set his house up as per my liking. He drives me to where ever I want to go.
I shifted to a new city after we got married. He saw to it that, i was independent and still kept an eye on me.
He lets me be me.

Looks aren't everything, the attitude and nature of a person matters in a relation.
Never judge a book by its cover there is more to a person than what can be seen outside