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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Being done with the honeymoon phase, here enters reality.
After the frenzy of the ceremony, after bidding good bye to the relatives, after being the princess for a day and after the honeymoon actually starts the real life.

I have stayed in my parents house all my life, my parents house is a nice big apartment, on the main street in a very happening city. Now, I have shifted to a not so happening  city, to a very small apartment in a kind of boring location.

Win , being a sweetheart, took in all my whining, and gave me my time to settle down in here. He let me be me. He let me decorate the house as per my wishes and never ever said anything.
I am not pro-cook, I can cook to save my soul.
I have been feeding Win god-knows what, and that nice man has never ever complained even once.

This month we did our first road trip, and went to his parents house.
Trust me, all that thing about "mother-in-law-daughter-in-law never get along" is just a hype.
I have a super sweet mother-in-law who treats me like her daughter, I think i get more pampered in Win's parents house than I ever got in my house

A little effort from your side, being nice to him and his family, thinking that his parents are like your parents, treating his folks like yours, would make him happy.
And an happy husband = A happy marriage = A happy you