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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ABCW: Haiku


PC: ramble.com
Never shoot down anyone's hope
Maybe it's the only thing they have
I learnt,a hard way

This post is written for ABCW-H

Monday, February 27, 2017

SWG: Forever

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Mind Core" by Juan Felipe Herrera:ambled, alabaster, noon, bathed, bloated, bellies, moon, poems, lockets, leaned, kicked, stuffed 

After a fight with her husband, Mathias that noon, Mary was sad, she contemplated divorce, then she looked down at her bloated belly. 
"Anytime now" she thought. This unplanned pregnancy has not been easy for her.

She ambled around the park near the lake that was bathed in the beautiful soft light of the moon.
Picture Courtesy
Mary, lazily kicked a tiny rock and the rock hit something shiny, stuffed in the soft mud.

Mary leaned awkwardly holding her tummy, and picked up two lockets made of  alabaster, it was the prettiest locket Mary had ever seen.

She cleaned the locket with the hem of her dress and looked closely, it had some love poems cared on it. She peered even more close to see the date, it said To Mary From Mathias, 21st January 1549.

It was like a divine connection. Her name & her husband's name, in a heart shaped locket at the time when her heart was in turmoil.

Mary looked up at the moon and smiled with tears in her eyes. She knew now, what is has with Mathias is called FOREVER.

This post is written for Sunday Swirligig - 100

Week 5: Someone who hurt me

This is the fifth week of the "Letter Writing Challenge" and the letter for the week is to someone who hurt you

Here is my letter

Dear Toxic Friend,

You were my best friend. You meant everything to me. I went out of my way for you every time. Without anything being my fault I apologized, and then one day I was done. I had enough hurt from you. That day, I chose myself, I chose to ignore you for life.

At times, I still look you up. At times, I wonder if you still remember me. Even if you don't, it doesn't matter to me anymore. You are past now.

But, when you were my present, I cried a lot, I re-read messages, in my head our conversations played every time. I wanted to know where, I failed you, then I realized that day, I didn't fail, you were a failure.

Thanks for coming into my life and making me realize the kind of people I do not want in my life ever.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ABCW - Good

This is something that my father has been telling me almost all my life, and I understood the truth behind Dad's quote only after I went away from home and lived amidst strangers

Dad said 

"Not all people might be good but there is always some good in everyone.
If you can see that good without judging then, trust me, the other person has no choice but to see the good in you and will in turn be good to you always"

This post is written for ABC Wednesday

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 4: Letter to my ex

This is the fourth week of the "Letter Writing Challenge" and the letter for today is to the ex

Here is my letter to the ex / ex's

Dear Ex/Ex's,

Well, I think I was crazy about each one of you then. But, now when I look at most of you I want to slap myself. I wonder to myself, how could I have had such bad choices, Was I blind?

Ok, I do not regret you not staying in my life, in fact I thank you for leaving my crying and heartbroken, else how would I appreciate what came my way.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore myself and my strengths and come out stronger than ever.

Lastly, I don't mind being friends with some of you, and some I never want to see in my life.


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Sunday, February 19, 2017

SWG: Scandal

I haven't posted for ages and feel so guilty about it. I can't get back the lost time but here I am starting again.

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Logic" by Alice Notely: cords, could corridor, anymore, are, anarchy, tie, twisted, there, experiences, explanations, else 

They stood in the corridor arguing in hushed tones, about a very high level meeting.

Picture Courtesy
"Those cords are in the special conference room now, in this secret meeting, the conversations might get out" she said in an agitated voice

"There could be explanations to why it was so, if at all it was, which I have not seen else I wouldn't have let the lines there" he said

"I cannot take this anymore Richard, you and your twisted lies" her voice was quivering now

"Look, from my experience, at this anarchy, its better to act as if we aren't involved. I don't want to get our names to be tied to such a scandal" he said touching her cheek

She looked at him with a smile and said "Now, that we know everything, why don't we just take the stock papers, the money and vanish. Poof!"

This post is written for Sunday Whirligig-99

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 3: Letter to my brother

This is the third week of the "Letter Challenge" and the letter of the week is to write to any other family member.

Here is my letter to my younger brother

Dear V,

I remember the day so clearly when Dad placed you on my lap. You were tiny and so cute. You grew up to be such a nice kid. You have qualities that I wish I had. You are compassionate, caring, sharing..everything that I am not. I remember all that nasty fights we had as kids. I remember the funny names we had for each other. I need to confess, that I stole your candies, and not the dog. :-)

We grew up together and suddenly you became my big brother. You looked and behaved like the elder one. I loved it when you turned all protective about me. From siblings, we became best friends. I knew I could count on you for everything. I know I can come to you with any boyfriend problems. Your opinion on any man I dated mattered the most for me. It was very sweet of you trying to hide your tears on my wedding day.

You might be all tall and huge now, but when you are sad and come to me, I still see the tiny kid walking to me. You are and will always be my little baby.

I love you

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Monday, February 6, 2017

WPS: Love

Both aged 18, held hands at the edge of the hill. There he went down on his knees and proposed her with a handmade ring, that had a red stone from the river nearby. It wasn’t expensive but it meant everything to her. That day, they promised to build a life together.
PC: Google Maps, Hammerfest Norway

After 30 years, a couple in their late-40s stood holding hands in their white picket fenced backyard.  With a smile on their face they looked at their red house.

She raised her left and kept it on his cheek, the red river stone shined in the morning sun. She smiled at him and said “We did it, we did build our life, in the same place that we started it”

He held her hand and smiled back and said “My life is you”

She blushed and the looked at the blue expanse of the sea, water and the houses around.

This post is written for What Pegman Saw

Week 2: Write a letter to my parents

This is the second week of the "Letter Challenge" and the letter for the week is for your Mom or Dad or both

Here is my letter to my parents.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I have been a mean kid. I have hurt your feelings many times. I have shouted, screamed, have been a rebellious teen. But, I swear i have regretted every moment of hurting you. 

I realize that all you wanted was good for me but then I realized when I grew up and moved away. 
You have sacrificed your sleep when I was sick, You have never brought yourself a new outfit but brought me two new ones because I liked them both. You have never deprived me of anything ever. But, I am sure I have deprived you of the happiness you deserve.

Mom & Dad, one day I promise that I will make you guys proud. You, mom & dad mean the world to me. 
I am what I am, because of you. Thank you.

I love you

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