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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ABCW: Hen Party

That night was so much fun
Five days before the deed was done.

I was in my tiara and sash and my girls in flower crowns
The last thing we did before the ring

I was getting married and was so nervous for the day
We drank to calm our nerves, that was safe to say

That hot guy came in dressed as a cop
And more hot men followed him to the stage top

We raised our glasses, we played our games
We hooted at the strippers and called out names

When the night was done
Some puked, some crashed in our den

Our Hen Party antics, dares and boys
Will stay with us for the rest of our lives


This post is written for ABC Wednesday - H

Friday, August 26, 2016

FF: My Photographer Dad

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Georgia Koch
PC: Georgia Koch
My Dad is my Facebook friend. He is an amazing photographer and when he was younger he used to go with his camera and his bag loaded with camera rolls and click pictures. If he had a DSLR then, he would have got the Pulitzer award for so many perfect timing pictures.

This boat was one of the pictures that my Dad had clicked in the late 80’s near a village in India. Today, evening I clicked this picture on my cell phone, added a few Prisma filters and made this.

Not bad huh!

 This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ABCW: Good Words

This week I wanted to writre something nice. So I thought about all the positive words that I know  and so many of them started with G. So here it is a compliation of a few nice words

PC: dailydropcap
Good person looks Gorgeous
Glows from the inside, and is Genuine and nice
Generous and Giving always
Gifts or Guidance he is always Glad to Give
Goes and extra mile for everyone
Grandeur life he might have but he is always Grounded
Grateful he is always to God and shows his Gratitude to everyone
Good person, lives in every human 
This post is written for ABCW - G

FFAW: Cursed Watch

In 1212, Adem met Eva in Egypt, they fell in love, she gifted him this watch and when the watch struck 2am, their royal killed them both.

In 1512, Rojeo met Julia in Italy they fell in love, she gifted him this watch, and when the watch struck 2am, their mafia brothers killed them both.

In 1712, Ranjha met Heer in India they fell in love, she gifted him this watch, and when the watch struck 2am, their influential fathers killed them both.

In 1912, Jackie met Rosey on Titanic they fell in love, she gifted him this watch, and when the watch struck 2am, the ship hit the iceberg and sank.

This watch was lying deep inside the ocean until deep diver Shirin found the watch in Maldives and decided to gift it to her love Farhad.

This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Monday, August 22, 2016

SWG: Heart-Attack

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "The Graves" by Joanna Klink: flicker, anchor, water, minor, blur, tender, clear, laughter, unwinding, hovering, rushing, leaning

I am a sailor. My name is Bob. This is my experience.
We were sailing on our ship "The Mermaid".
One fine morning, when we removed the anchor  from the sea, suddenly the clear water turned red. It looked like the red color was rushing from within the sea and the color of the anchor was red, it looked like blood, but we assumed it might have been the paint.

That night we hit the mid sea, by around 2 am. I was at the deck unwinding the rope from the bwoy, just then a saw a flicker  of light, then I heard a shrill laughter. I tried leaning over the railing to see if any of my mates were playing a prank. But, few of my mates came up and said that they heard the laughter too.

Suddenly, a blur smoke emerged out of the blood colored anchor, it became huge and started hovering over our ship.

That is the day that I got my first minor heart-attack.

This post is written for Sunday Whirligig - 73

Thursday, August 18, 2016

FF: Goosebumps

PC: janet webb
I was walking along the bank of this pretty river on a nice morning. 

I was here looking for a beautiful stone to take back home. Then my foot got stuck on something scratchy. I looked down to see this may holed thing stuck to me foot.

I hate anything that looks like this. It gives me Goosebumps. For some reason, I feel there might be worms coming out of that hideous 
thing anytime now.

Even while writing about it, I can feel goosebumps all over my hand.

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

3WW: Before she fainted

He wanted her to die. That sadistic bastard, this was his 10th girlfriend. He slit the sensitive vein on her throat with a fine army knife. The blood spurted from the slit. There was shock in her eyes and mirth in his. She sat on the floor holding her bleeding throat, life floating in front of her eyes. Slowly, she closed her eyes with her palms tightly holding the slit wound.

PC: pintrest
With a smile on his face and a humm on his lip, he came to her and said "Good bye, my dead bird" and he scoured her blood on the floor and opened the main door, started his car and drove off.

She opened her eyes, she was in pain but not dead yet as he assumed. She limped her way out. A few college kids saw her bleeding and called the cops & the ambulance. She was tentative of what was going on around her. Her vision was blurring, amidst the crowd she saw a familiar mean smile.

She tried to say something, but her voice cord was slit, and she fainted.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - 493

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ABCW: F word

I am a four letter F word

I am always wet
I am used regularly all around the world
I am that little F word

I come in different shapes and sizes
I am called different names
I am made in different ways
I am that little F word

I love what you are thinking
I love that crooked smile while you are reading
I am FISH. That four letter F word

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - F

FFAW: Scars of my Heart

PC: TJ Paris
This is my home

This is where I saw his face
     This is where I fell in love
          This is where he held my hand
               This is where he promised forever
                    This is where I bared my soul
                         This is where I began to care
                              This is where we kissed first
                         This is where we made love
                    This is where it all ended
                This is where I was left alone
            These were once, bare off-white walls
    Now, bear the scars of my heart
This is where I want to be

This is my heart

This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Thursday, August 11, 2016

FF: That Call

He called me up at 2am “Hi, meet me at the lake shed at 6 am” and *Click* the call was disconnected
PHOTO PROMPT - © Adam Ickes
PC: Adam Ickes

Why is he back? Why did he break my heart? Is he still with her? Why does he want to meet me now?

I couldn’t sleep after that call. I wanted to ask him all these questions that have haunted me for 5 years.

I got dressed and walk slowly to our shed, he wasn’t there. I waited for 30 minutes.

I got a call from his sister “Hi, Sam passed away 2 nights back. His last wish was to see you”

My heart broke again

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3WW: News

She didn't want to go to the party today.
But she knew this would make him very happy.
She has been feeling nauseous, queasy, pukey all week
She decided to take her friend's advice and buy a self-test kit now.
She painstakingly went to the medical store, got the kit & got herself tested.
But, the time he came back home, all prepared to see her while.
He was pleasantly surprised to see his radiant wife
With a pregnancy kit showing positive

This post is written for Three Words Wednesday - 492

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ABCW: Enigma

PC: idris
She didn't have an guarding dragon, nor was she locked in a tower
Yet she had the enigma like the nature

Pretty like a flower, her smile were like distant bells
She was the envy of all the village belle's

She never spoke too much, She didn't have any friend
But, every man in the town tried to befriend.

Every night, her appearance would change.
It was all very mysterious and strange.

She would sit but the fire every night
And mumble words, that would make a scary sight

In the morning, she again became that pretty same
The town named her Enigma.

If ever the come to know her secret
Their thinking would never be the same 

This post is written for ABCW - E for Enigma

FFAW: Wrong Drive

PC: Yinglan
Roger, chestnut hair, twinkly brown eyes, dimpled with a ready smile on his face. This 16 year old was the heartthrob of the school. Medium built; good at sports and academics.

Roger, was the captain of the football team, and had won several tournaments across the county.

Now, he sits in the audience area on a wheelchair, paralyzed with only his senses active. He feels the adrenaline on the field, he hears the boys scream, and he sees a missed goal. And he regrets that night, when he was drinking and driving to prove that he is cool

This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Monday, August 8, 2016

SWG: Make-A-Wish

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Firefly" by Jacqueline Woodson: almost, yesterday, sometimes, shout, caught, firefly, long, time, wish, make, good, park 

 photo 3024776f-496e-4494-8f28-261ef77471c6_zpswmqlcb9s.jpgYesterday evening, while I was walking alone in the Central park. I saw a tiny light on the rose bush. I went closer to see what it was, it was a tiny firefly

When I was a kid, we caught fireflies to make wishes on them. I almost caught this fly but it flew away. My eyes followed the little firefly. I ran towards it, I have a wish I haven't asked for a long time. This time I caught my firefly and gave a happy shout. It was weird for a 70 year old woman to squeal like a 7 year old. But, c'mon its my Make-A-Wish day. I made my wish. I wanted to see my son who hasn't spoken to me for 30 years.

I let that firefly go, and with a small hope I saw its little light fly away. With a sigh, i turned around to see my son, walking through the gates it the park. This coincidence was too good to be true.
I pinched myself, I blinked and peered to confirm if it really was my son or was I hallucinating.
But, it was my sonny boy walking towards me.

Sometimes, wishes do travel in the form of a tiny light

This post is written for Sunday Whirlgig

Friday, August 5, 2016

FF: Bartender

Copyright-Ted Strutz
PC: Ted Strutz
Ted is a bartender and a teetotaler. He made perfect cocktails, created lovely concoctions, swirled, twirled. But, never has tasted any alcohol in life.

One day a curious regular patron asked Ted “You are surrounded by booze, pretty women and so much food all day, aren’t you tempted?”

Ted “My temptation is at home who makes amazing soup”

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ABCW: D for Dinosaur

I Chomp Chomp
I Stomp Stomp

I am a huge dinosaur
With a curvy hump

A have big teeth, claws and fangs
I keep getting hunger pangs

I may roar loud and sound like thunder
"This guy might eat me" you may wonder

The movies portray such a wrong image about me
I am a vegan and I eat leaves

I have a few friends like you do 
They love a bucket of chicken wings too

Alas, we don't have a KFC or a Mc Donalds here
Neither do we have a crate of beer

Now, dear people, Beer & good food might be the reason, I think
The reason of why we went extinct

This post is written for ABC-Wednesday-D

FFAW: Cars

PC; Phylor
Far far away, in the land of no humans, where the trees were green, there was no pollution, the cars drove on water; lived two kid cars; Silver Hoot and Blue Bagel.

Both of them were handsome, fast, young and the popular cars in school. All the car girls loved them. One evening Silver Hoot 7 Blue Bagel claimed to be the fastest cars in this planet.

To prove this, they did a cross forest race. While both of them were concentrating on winning, a beautiful brown horse overtook them with ease.
Both the cars stopped with a screech and were stunned. Looking at their faces the wise horse said “Life is one, fast has never helped, look around, enjoy life, end is SCRAP”

From them on, Silver Hoot & Blue bagel became best friends for life.

This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Monday, August 1, 2016

SWG: Sunny

 photo d31beafa-b7f5-4e12-8f34-7b52c394db22_zpsrhfxydfw.jpgTHIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Here in the Psalm" by Sally Fisher: sheep, grass, waters, chilly, enemies, worry, watch, wobbles, chair, safe, side, spill 

There was a mysterious old man. He wobbled while he walked.. He stayed alone in a pretty cottage, surrounded by grass and a clear water lake. He had a sheep named "Sunny". 

Sunny was the cutest doe-eyed sheep in the town. Many came to the old man to buy Sunny. The old man refused them so rudely that more than half the town turned his enemies.
Every day the old man would worry about Sunny being stolen. So, he sat on a rocking chair and would watch Sunny play all day. All he wanted was his sheep to be safe.

One chilly evening, while Sunny was playing by the clear waters, there was a splash and some water spill, the old man ran as fast his wobbly feet would take him. He jumped in the lake to save his beloved sheep.
From that day on, even if anyone came to buy Sunny, the loyal sheep refused to leave the old man's side.

This post is written for Sunday Whirlgig 70