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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Keys to a Happy Marriage

There are many places that give a cliched points to a happy marriage, here is a few from a newly married too

1. Go on dates: So what if you are married, going on dates is fun.
2. Send random "I love you" messages in a day
3. Have those inside jokes: Those little names you call each other, some funny moments spent together
4. Hold hands regularly:
5. Hug frequently (its a feel good factor)
6. Fight are bound to happen, resolve it. Divorce is not an option
7. Make a vow that divorce is never a way to sort a fight
8. Destiny brought you together for a purpose, trust God, love each other
9. Give each other gifts: Its not just the man's forte to gift
10. Compliment each other
11. Be there for each other
12. Encourage each other to bring the best out of each other.
13. Let them spend time with their friends, he/she loves you, but it becomes stifling to see the same face day in and day out
14. Help each other pursue their hobbies / careers even if you are not a part of it
15. Try to learn and show genuine enthusiasm in some thing that your partner is passionate about.
16. Be a good listener, at least pretend to listen instead of visibly looking bored
17. Do not criticize or nag: you aren't perfect either
18. Be reasonable in money matters, spend wisely, think about future
19. Have common goals (buying a house, or a big investment)
20. Talk to each other about your day, their day, dreams, goals, feelings, pain, friends, anything under this sun

Love: Most important, love each other, till death does people apart 

Monday, May 11, 2015

#MemoriesofMotherhood : Whats in the name?

I am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and BlogAdda. This Mother’s Day check out the Yummy Mummy calendar and  make a similar calendar of your own using the Bio Oil App.

I have a son and a daughter, now my son is 24 and my daughter is 30 and married.

When my son was about 3 or 4, he had this dry skin issues, and a homeopathic doctor suggested "Radha face oil" to be applied every night

That oil used to smell bad, and my son used to run away from it.

He used to say “You are after me for Radha face oil, so from today your name is Radha oil”

For months, I was called “Radha oil”, my daughter followed the suit of calling me “Radha oil”
That name stayed.

Slowly, “radha oil” changed to “Oil”
The word “Amma” was uttered only when they had to inform me something. But, when my kids came to cuddle or shower their love I was called “Oil”

Then over the years  “Oil” became “O-yal”
All my relatives, friends, their friends knew who “O-Yal” was, I am not sure how many people know the story behind it

When they are in a playful mood ‘O-Yal” becomes “Yal” and L is stressed.

Every birthday card, Anniversary card, its always Love you O-Yal and Appa.

Like every mother, I have the dream of seeing my daughter as a bride, I see her wearing nine yards, looking like a princess, I have tears in my eyes,
I felt a hand holding my hand, it was my son saying “O-yal, I am with you, I will always take care of you”
My daughter turns to me with a smile on her face, excuses herself from the ceremony, sprints to me in that outfit and says “O-yal, I am still your little girl, I am going to call you every day and make my kids call you O-yal  too”

Now, my son is away to another country, my daughter is married and moved away, though they make it a point to call me every day.  
I still miss their loud, brash “Yallllll, I am home”
I miss them running to me when I am back from work calling “Ohhhh-Yal”
For every mother her kids are the best.
I am no different,

For me my 2 kids, are my 2 heart and my soul

And I am still called ‘O-yal” and I love it

Making moments special doesn't need money

To make an occasion special, you don't need money always.

It is my husband's birthday today. His first birthday after we got married, and like any wife, I wanted to make it special for him.
We both work and earn a decent salary, but with all our commitments there is hardly any savings, so splurging on an expensive gift was out of question.

And my husband being this shy guy, would hate his friends springing up at our doorstep scream 'Surprise"

But I had to make his day special

A month prior to his birthday, I emailed all his close friends to send me an email, or a memorable picture with a story or a video of them wishing him "Happy Birthday".
Followed up with them. Got the emails and pictures and made a collage.
Made a video collage and put it in the pen drive.
At 11.59 pm, I plug the pen drive on the TV screen and put it on.
At 12 am, his friends were singing "Happy Birthday" from the TV screen.

A ordered a theme cake for him (I don't know to bake one)
My husband is a techie, so instead of normal candles I got him LED candles.
Asked him to switch off each candle while making a wish.

Then I presented him the collage with the emails from his friends.
Trust me the look on his face was priceless, somethings money could never have brought.

I also, wanted to add a little quirk to his birthday, so I brought a new toothbrush and tied a ribbon to it with a post-it saying "Happy Birthday Love" and put it on the night stand.
I had got him a button-down shirt, a pair of socks, and a leather belt. I slid them on the bathroom rack before he went for his shower.
He came our beaming to this.

I cook everyday for him at home, so a home-cooked food is pretty normal for him.

But, today I made this exotic recipe I Googled from, and packed it for his lunch.
The call at 1
Picture Courtesy: Google Images
pm (his lunch time), was the cutest, he said, "What? When? How? This is amazing babe, Am I blessed or what, love you"

In the evening, we danced to some music, had wine and dined home-cooked food under the dim-lit moon,starry sky and a slyly glowing candle on the table.

Some moments in life, no amount of money can ever buy

Friday, May 8, 2015

Eternal Love

They were 80, sitting together with an old open scrapbook in front of them.
They were smiling over old pictures and funny moments in the book that they made for every year of their marriage.
47 books till date and a gazillion memories in those books
As their daughter, I stand looking at them with tears in my eyes.
Lord, what would people not give for an eternal love like that.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Small Moments

Romance is not about showering each other with gifts. Its not even about romantic dinners, flowers etc.

A romance for a lifetime is made of small moments like

When he hugs you from behind while you are cooking

When he kisses you on your forehead for no reason

When you have a nice meaningful conversation at the dinner table

When you stand at the balcony, holding hands and saying nothing, just happy to be with each other

When she makes you breakfast inspite of being tired, just to see you smile

When you share a laugh over a silly joke

When you dance together for no occasion per say

When you sing lodly without caring about the world

When you hug each other

When you are there when any one of you is low

When you both are tired, fall into the bed, say that small "Good night"

When you plan months ahead to make their birthday's special

When you help each other in house work

When you see old pictures and laugh over the moments

When he opens a tight jar for you

When he asks you to take rest because you have worked too much

When you hug and sleep

When he puts a warm blanket over you, coz you are cold

When she hugs you during a thunder

When you pursue your own hobbies and still love each others work

When you are watching a movie and so engrossed in it that both do not boher with dishes, but do it later together

When you share an icecream

When even their groggy early morning look, looks cute

When he lets you sleep-in , wakes up before you and wakes you up with a kiss

Something's in life money cant buy. One of those things is love from the person you love