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Monday, October 19, 2015

CC: They are watching

Many may not believe that ghosts exist, but they do.

Chitra, her husband Ram and their two kids Neha and Nivesh came back to India after 5 long years and settled in the house that they had bought about 8 years back, but never had stayed there.

It was a nice cozy 1 BHK in the central suburbs of Mumbai, overlooking a beautiful garden and had nice friendly neighbors. It was a perfect cocoon for a happy family.
The few nights after the moved in, Ram started talking, screaming, slowly howling in his sleep, mumbling "leave my hand..leave my hand"  and would eventually go quiet.

Next morning, when Chitra asked him, he would say "A teenage boy wearing Khaki pants and check shirt was sitting by his bed and holding his hand".
Chitra and the kids just laughed it off saying it must be the impact of the spook series that Ram is so addicted to.

Their house had a king-size mirror on the passage connecting the living area and the kitchen.
One early morning, say around 5.30am, Neha, Ram's daughter was getting ready for college and was admiring her reflection on the mirror, when she saw a little girl walking past behind her. Neha turned her head to the left and saw a little girl wearing a pink frock with bow belt tied on the back walk into the living room. Neha, went to the living room and saw nothing. She felt, she must be hallucinating due to lack of sleep.
Ram, still every night complained about the teenage boy.

The house bedroom door had a one-way glass, meaning one can see from the inside but will have to peep through the glass to see inside, and the reflection of the door falls on the mirror of the cupboards in the bedroom 
One night, Ram and Chitra had gone for a party, and Neha and Nivesh were in their bedroom watching a movie, when suddenly Nivesh said to Neha "Look, that girl is looking inside" Neha looks at the door but couldnt see anyone. Nivesh tells Neha to look in the mirror, and Neha sees someone pass by. Slowly, she opens the door and is shocked to see a silhouette of a woman floating around the kitchen. Before, Neha could say anything the silhouette had vanished and the house looked normal

When the kids narrated the whole incident to their parents, Chitra called up her mother who knew a thing or two about supernatural beings.
Chitra's mom suggested that the put rice mixed with kumkum in all corners of the house in the night and sleep.
Chitra did what her mom said, she put the kumkum rice all over the borders of the house.
Next morning, all the rice got accumulated in the center of the passage.
Shocked and scared, they explained this to Chitra's mother, who said the epicenter of ghost activtity was the passage and advised them to leave the house.

Chitra was a bit apprehensive of leaving this house, so she postponed it. Eventually, all such activity stopped.
The family forgot all about ghosts there...Until.........

One night, when the whole family was preparing to sleep, they all saw a 7 foot tall shadow, with red eyes and hair till the ankle walking towards them. The lights of the room started to flicker.It looked really angry.
The family huddled in one corner of the room, the shadow gave a nerve chilling scream and the floor was covered with blood.  Chitra almost fainted, Neha's voice couldnt find its way out, Ram was at loss of words, and Nivesh couldnt feel his own tears.
Within moments, the shadow moved towards the passage and the blood on the floor started to move on it own to the passage. The shadow gave one last menacing look and vanished.

The family left that house the same night with whatever they could gather, they never came to that house ever again.
The memories still haunt ever member of the family even today..

They are there and they are watching you

This post was also posted on Darlings of Venus by Me
I want the world to know that ghosts do exist, the the daughter in this story is me


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    1. I loved the concept. thanks for this wonderful opportunity :-)


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