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Thursday, January 14, 2016

AWFW: Trust me Sweetheart

This story is dated 3 years back

Ateeya was hurt by men she loved, so she could never trust anyone in her life. Maaney's loved Atteya a lot, but off late he has been very frustrated, one thing he hates is his loyalty being questioned & Ateeya's constant questioning was getting to his nerves, many a times he wondered if this relationship was even worth all the stress, but then one smile from Ateeya made him more sure of this lovely bond they share.

One evening, Maaney was a few hours late than he promised & Ateeya was worried & fuming with anger. Sitting on the kitchen counter, she was in a fierce mood imagining Maaey with other women. The moment Maaney, entered the house Ateeya let her temper loose.
This time, Maaney lost his cool and walked out of the house to his car. Ateeya tried to follow him to the door but it was too late. Maaney was already in his car, he revved the car and moved at a lightening speed without thinking the grave consequences. With million things going on in his head, he did not see the truck headlights in front of him and
PC: Rantzz of a drama queen


Ateeya, got a call from the police.

Today, huddled in the corner of a mental asylum. Ateeya, keeps regretting her mistake and keeps saying sorry to Maaey all day

This post is written for A Week For Writing - Prompt 92


  1. Oh wow. Powerful and sad story. An excellent take on the prompt!

  2. What a tragedy! guilt is the worst pain for anyone to live with...

    Thanks for participating :)
    Keep writing.


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