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Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 8: Sorry Letter

This is the eight week of the '"Letter Writing Challenge" and the letter of the week is for that someone whom you might have hurt sometime.

Here is my letter for the week.

Dear C, R, V

I started to write this letter and I am here staring at a blank screen. I don't know where to start. Well, I will start by saying sorry to you. I have tried, swear by God I did try to come up to your and say sorry. But, maybe it was guilt or a bit of my ego that I could not come up to you. But, I mean everything I say in this letter.

I am sorry that I wasn't there when you needed me. I am sorry that I was being very nasty to you. I am sorry that I made you my last priority. I am sorry that I did not respond when you reached out to me several times. 

I regret everything I have done, but trust me it wasn't intentional. I did not want to hurt you ever. You mean a lot to me.

Today, in this public platform, I am standing with my headed bowed down, my hands in Namaste and I sincerely request you to forgive me for everything I have done. 

Please forgive me, if you can.

I am sorry

I am so overwhelmed after writing this letter.

Submit your letters for this week in the link below.
The link will be open for seven days. Any post not related to the topic will be removed


  1. This one left me in tears also.....

    - Lisa

    1. I hate that I made you cry. But, I cried when I wrote this letter.
      Thanks for dropping by Lisa :-)


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