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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

BWC 1: The Explorer of Miracles

I haven't written anything in both of my blogs for almost 2 months. I am guilty, but circumstances were such that I could not do justice to my blog.

And, what better comeback can I have, than participating in the "Black and White Photo Challenge"
I am nominated by The Lady in Read, Thanks a ton for breaking me free and helping me back to write. I owe you tons.

The pictures I would be sharing are all clicked with my humble Samsung S7 Edge camera.

So, the rules of this challenge are easy, something on the lines of Facebook black & white picture challenge. I would be nominating a few blogs who have been supportive while I wasn't writing. If you are reading this post and want to get nominated for the challenge, please do drop me a comment below.

  1. Share black and white photos daily for 7 days;
  2. There must be no animals or people in the photos;
  3. No captions, explanations, or other words to accompany the images;
  4. Nominate one person to participate each day of the challenge.
Here is my picture of today;

For the first day, I nominate Dr. Anita Sabat - The Explorer of Miracles her blogs are real nice and super informative. Please do read it sometime.
Also, a special thanks to this amazing person The Lady in Read, her blog is a must read.


  1. vidya here from LadyInReadWrites:) Glad to be able to get you back to blogging .. have always enjoyed your posts ...
    this is a great snap for day one.. always love these old temples..

  2. Thank you so much for your nice words and for nominating me.
    Lovely pic. Great challenge!
    But, I may not be able to contribute for it.
    Glad that you are out of your spell. Do blog more often (Advice holds true for me too!) :)


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