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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

APM: Invisible

I wake and see him searching for me.
I scream out loud but he just walks by me.
I realize, I am invisible, Mr. India.
I panic, No one can hear me, no one can see.
I need to tell my loved ones, how much I love, how much I care
I shed loud tears which are silent for the world.
After, a while I see the bright side, when I sit on my bed curled
I wipe my tears and smile wide now.
I can go un-noticed to anywhere I want.
I follow him to his work and see what he does all day.
In my head, I plan to visit big celebrities & businessmen's houses and stay
I will go to all the fancy restaurants, the one's that I am sure I can't pay
I will roam free on the streets while its dark
Without fear of being raped or stalked.
When I sit alone on the beach shore.
I feel lonely and bored
I need love, I need family, I need friends.
I realize how much I am loved.
I hear a loud ring and a wake up with a start
I hear my alarm ringing, and bless my stars.
I thank God that it was just a dream.
I wake up smiling, and hug him
I run to my parents and tell them how much I love them
They look at me like I have lost it.
Little, do they know, that its now that I have found what I needed

This post is written for Airplane Poetry Movement #12


  1. It's always good to realize that we have what we need and want. If we could just hold on to that thought!

  2. It's better to realize we have exactly and everything we want and need right in front of us -- with us, before it's too late. Your words can teach others a valuable lesson if they're willing to recognize the warning. It doesn't happen often, and it's rather difficult to explain, but I appreciate it when I have a bad (scary, frightening ) dream where I feel the loss of someone or something incredibly special or important and then the alarm wakes me just in time to let me know it was only a dream. It's as if the alarm was my warning bell. Someone is warning me to take better care of my relationships or pay more attention to my loved ones, because I'm not guaranteed a tomorrow. That fleeting moment between sleep and awake when you first come out of the dream when you aren't quite sure if you have the people you love or if you've lost them ... then some time passes and you're more awake and you realize it was a dream. You're overcome with an enormous sense of relief and you know you never want to jeopardize the people you love. That is the way we should treat people we care about and love -- all the time, not just when something frightening upsets us in a dream.

    Anyway, I loved your piece. You are an excellent writer and you really connect with readers on an emotional level.
    Melissa @Sugar Crime Scene

  3. Love this. It's like the old saying - you don't know what you've got until it's gone

  4. Your thoughtful and lovely piece of writing reminds us so gently that perhaps we already have everything we are yearning for.


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