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Monday, May 20, 2019


Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, AL | Google Maps

That dreadful night, when the tiny town was sleeping, one family was frantically looking out for their 24-year-old son. His phone was switched off. He suddenly one evening started proclaiming his love for Satan and stayed locked in his room all day. He was taking medication for depression after many sessions with the doctor. He seemed to be getting back to normal.

He said he is going out for a stroll, and did not return until very late. After, hours of searching, the day broke, clear skies and the sunrise woke the tiny town to a gruesome truth, that occurred last night.
The words in the local newspaper read, “24 year old youth, killed an infant and a pregnant woman, screaming the name of Satan and jumped off the bridge calling it the ultimate sacrifice”

This post is written for What Pegman Saw


  1. So much said in such a small space; so much implied; so much feeling endowed.

  2. Oh, that is a tragic story indeed!

  3. Oh no, what a horrible thing for any parent to have to deal with! Not only to lose your own child to mental illness, but to live with the horrors of what he did to others.

  4. You have a strong storyline, and I like the way you've constructed the piece. You tell us background detail to allow the tension to build which makes your revelation of the horror even more effective.

  5. A sad tale, Mrs Dash. I wonder who the narrator was and how they felt at the events. 🙂


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