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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SFF: Selfie

Meow “Yo! Roostie, You are supposed to be my lunch”

Rooster “Cmon dude, we are high today, What did we just drink”

Meow “I think the madam calls it wine, its meant for us cats and masters”

Rooster “wine, are you kidding me, you ungrateful, stupid looking things should only drink milk that our moo produces, this drink is for us hard working roosters”

Meow “What hard work”

Rooster “we wake up early and koodookoo unlike you who laze around all a day”

Meow “yeah whatever”

PC: DeAnna Gossman
Rooster “Hey, do you know how this flat black thing works”

Meow “You are so ignorant, that black flat things is called cell phone, its supposedly magic”

*Rooster steps on the cell phone and camera opens*

Rooster and Meow who are high on wine look into the selfie cam and get a shock of their life
Both together “Woah! Holy Molly, Who are these people inside the flat black cell thing? This isn’t magic, this is black magic”

This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction


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