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Monday, May 11, 2015

#MemoriesofMotherhood : Whats in the name?

I am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and BlogAdda. This Mother’s Day check out the Yummy Mummy calendar and  make a similar calendar of your own using the Bio Oil App.

I have a son and a daughter, now my son is 24 and my daughter is 30 and married.

When my son was about 3 or 4, he had this dry skin issues, and a homeopathic doctor suggested "Radha face oil" to be applied every night

That oil used to smell bad, and my son used to run away from it.

He used to say “You are after me for Radha face oil, so from today your name is Radha oil”

For months, I was called “Radha oil”, my daughter followed the suit of calling me “Radha oil”
That name stayed.

Slowly, “radha oil” changed to “Oil”
The word “Amma” was uttered only when they had to inform me something. But, when my kids came to cuddle or shower their love I was called “Oil”

Then over the years  “Oil” became “O-yal”
All my relatives, friends, their friends knew who “O-Yal” was, I am not sure how many people know the story behind it

When they are in a playful mood ‘O-Yal” becomes “Yal” and L is stressed.

Every birthday card, Anniversary card, its always Love you O-Yal and Appa.

Like every mother, I have the dream of seeing my daughter as a bride, I see her wearing nine yards, looking like a princess, I have tears in my eyes,
I felt a hand holding my hand, it was my son saying “O-yal, I am with you, I will always take care of you”
My daughter turns to me with a smile on her face, excuses herself from the ceremony, sprints to me in that outfit and says “O-yal, I am still your little girl, I am going to call you every day and make my kids call you O-yal  too”

Now, my son is away to another country, my daughter is married and moved away, though they make it a point to call me every day.  
I still miss their loud, brash “Yallllll, I am home”
I miss them running to me when I am back from work calling “Ohhhh-Yal”
For every mother her kids are the best.
I am no different,

For me my 2 kids, are my 2 heart and my soul

And I am still called ‘O-yal” and I love it

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