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Monday, May 4, 2015

Small Moments

Romance is not about showering each other with gifts. Its not even about romantic dinners, flowers etc.

A romance for a lifetime is made of small moments like

When he hugs you from behind while you are cooking

When he kisses you on your forehead for no reason

When you have a nice meaningful conversation at the dinner table

When you stand at the balcony, holding hands and saying nothing, just happy to be with each other

When she makes you breakfast inspite of being tired, just to see you smile

When you share a laugh over a silly joke

When you dance together for no occasion per say

When you sing lodly without caring about the world

When you hug each other

When you are there when any one of you is low

When you both are tired, fall into the bed, say that small "Good night"

When you plan months ahead to make their birthday's special

When you help each other in house work

When you see old pictures and laugh over the moments

When he opens a tight jar for you

When he asks you to take rest because you have worked too much

When you hug and sleep

When he puts a warm blanket over you, coz you are cold

When she hugs you during a thunder

When you pursue your own hobbies and still love each others work

When you are watching a movie and so engrossed in it that both do not boher with dishes, but do it later together

When you share an icecream

When even their groggy early morning look, looks cute

When he lets you sleep-in , wakes up before you and wakes you up with a kiss

Something's in life money cant buy. One of those things is love from the person you love

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