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Monday, April 24, 2017

Letter Writing Experience

When I was a kid, I used to write letters, put them in an envelop, stamp it and put it in the post box and wait eagerly for a reply. Every time the postman came by, I used to run to the door to see if had any letter for me.
Then, I even had a pen pal, whom I have lost contact's with. 

In this digital age, letters are gone, like vanished. With the click of a button you send a message. The eagerness, the anxiety, the secrecy, that butterfly feeling, that personal connect of a letter is lost. 

I think, once in a while, we should write letters to our loved ones. Once in a while, give perfumed love letters, I am sure the other person will still have the same reaction and might cherish it forever.

Letters are special. 

When I wrote letters in this challenge, I went through many emotions, I was happy, I blushed, i was angry, I was relived, I got teary. All in all....I loved this challenge.

Thank you for participating with us.

Tell us how you felt while writing letters in the "Letter Writing Challenge" 
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