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Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 10: Teen Me

This is the tenth week of the "Letter Writing Challenge" and the letter for today is for your teen self.

Here is my letter for the week

Dear Teen D,

Yo, a**h**e chill with the bad attitude in the first place. It ain't taking you no where. Now, stop rolling your eyes and read this letter. Trust me you need it.

Listen to your parents, they are right in everything they said, you will realize that years later. Study, that is what will help you in future. Stop being this reckless idiot, you are about to make a big mistake, save yourself when you have time. That guy for whom you cried all night, and wrote poems and listened to sad songs, well I have news for you, he is not worth it. There are many nicer men going to come into your life who are going to treat you like a princess.
Start saving money, being cool doesn't mean being broke. 

You are strong and you are going to inspire people. Don't let negativity get to you. Just remember, many other there love you for what you are, the way you are, never change yourself for anyone ever.

Now, find every tiny moment to smile and if you feel anything say it.  You will feel good and so will the other person.

See you soon, grown up

Submit your letters for this week in the link below.
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  1. LOL...yours and mine are so similiar!!!

    - Lisa

    1. We all have a wild side and a past :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Lisa :-)


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