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Monday, August 14, 2017

SWG: Easy way out

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Brown Penny" by William Butler Yeats:brown, penny, enough, loops, hair, young, crooked, wise, thinking, stars, shadows, begin 

Young lad with crooked teeth and brown hair
His life was in loops, shadows were enough to get him scared
He had money, just enough to buy him one bread
A wise man, in the town once said 
"One penny in the sea and the stars will shine,then will begin your rich life"
Bread cost 2 pennies, but a rich life cost just one
Thinking that he will become rich that night, he tossed that one penny in the sea
Little, did he know that wise man was a con.
That day was his bitter lesson learnt
In life, there is no easy way out

This post is written for Sunday Whirligig


  1. Oh no! You have disillusioned us all. Curiously we are raising a generation that is starting to think this way. Hard work can be bypassed for a quick fix...or am I just old?

    1. I agree with you Old Egg. But the truth is there is not free lunch :-)
      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  2. Ha...in many respects life is a con:)

  3. When I was young so many years ago there were always tricksters (at school particularly) that would try to con you out of any small change you had in you pocket. How this poem reminded me of that!

    1. Wow, there are many people out there who will and can con a vulnerable person out of everything he has.
      Hard truth
      Thanks for dropping by Old Egg :-)


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