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Monday, June 6, 2016

SWG: What true love does

Its my first time at Sunday Whirlgig, and this time I got 12 words  by one of my favorite bloggers Old Egg
The words are 

glances, hazel, cheek, pouts, small, spirit, limp, months, letting, softens, tight, scar 

That accident injured her so bad and left her to limp all her life.
That accident left a scar not just on her body but on her soul too
The man she loved left her within months of that accident
She held her heart tight, promising herself that she is never letting anyone break it ever again.

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Then came a handsome man
He fell in love with this small looking girl with hazel eyes
She cute cheeks and curved lips that pouts

In the church, he stole glances at her
She saw him and something fluttered inside her
Her heart softens and her spirits rose

Somewhere she heard a whisper, this is what true love does. It heals

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