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Monday, June 27, 2016

TMI: A to Z

Just for fun and in honor of Debbie and Guilie I'm participating in the TMI Blog hop. 
I hope you'll take the dare and join us!

This is me, from A to Z

A: Age
Mom thinks I am old enough to have babies but too young to make my own decisions. BTW the number is 30

B: Biggest fear
Darkness. I am terrified of darkness. I feel there are ghosts and spirits roaming, walking right through the door and also losing people i love

C: Current time
10.32pm IST

D: Drink you last had
Chocolate Milkshake

E: Every day starts with
Snoozing the alarm a million times

F: Favorite Song
Keeps changing. My current favorite is Love Dose

G: Ghosts, are they real?
Yes, Yes Yes. trust me. Its out of experience and I am not kidding

H: Hometown
Its confusing. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Ancestral home in Kumbakonam and Pallakad, staying in Bangalore, married in Chennai

I: In love with

J: Jealous of?
People who can eat anything and not get fat. People who travel so many places and people who can drive too

K: Killed someone?
In my head, a million morons

L: Last time you cried?
I don't remember

M: Middle name

N: Number of siblings
My baby brother
One baby brother

O: One wish
To have a beautiful house and to drive a manual car on a bumper to bumper traffic

P: Person you last called?

Q: Question you're always asked
Are you married? Really?

R: Reason to smile

S: Sounds that annoy you
I hate crying babies in movies and flights
I also hate the screeching chalk on blackboard sound

T: Time you woke up

U: Underwear color
Well...Let me see

V: Vacation destination
In a weeks time to Ladakh, sometime in my life. I would like to go to Rome, Egypt, Greece, Prague, 

W: Worst habit
Biting my nails

X: X-Rays you've had
So many, after my accident I used to have an x-ray everyday. So approximately, 421 x-rays
Most X-rays: Right hand
Head, chest, legs, 

Tandoori Paneer (Cottage Cheese)
Y: Your favorite food
I am a vegetarian foodie. My favorite is cottage cheese though.

Z: Zodiac sign
Cusp - Aquarius + Capricorn

Thank you Yolanda for this challenge


  1. I have lived 54 years basically on cottage cheese...

    1. 54 years..wow..that is a little too long to have only cottage cheese. Nevertheless its yummy.
      Thanks for dropping by Martin :)

  2. Hi, Dee Dee, so glad you decided to participate. These are such fun and the question so odd, and yet interesting. Thanks again for the Liebster Award!
    I did live in Alaska and miss it terribly, some day though, I'll go back if not to live at least for a visit. I'd love to show my husband why I love it so. The darkness can be very scary, but sometimes I find it comforting too, especially when hubby's arms are wrapped around me. I think it's wonderful that you don't remember the last time you cried!
    Have a beautiful week!

    1. awww.... such a beautiful feeling on the dark. I never saw it that way. Someday I would love to visit you in person

  3. Nice to meet you, Dee Dee! Thanks for participating the blogfest. Any friend of Yolanda's.......☺
    That must have been a nasty accident, with so many X-rays! Hopefully you've fully recovered from that. I've been to Rome and Greece and can tell you they are magical places. Hope you get there one day. You're still young; plenty of time. Cheers!

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by Debbie.I have quite recovered from the accident, it was pretty nasty.
      I will surely go to my dream places some day. :)

  4. Wow-the worst habit is biting your nails? That's not even that bad! I laughed at your "K" answer, but...only a million? I think I'm well over a trillion!

    1. Lol Thanks for dropping by DiscConnected.
      I love seeing women with pretty nails and nail paints but I just cant grow mine. i try, it grows. i bite, it goes and I end up having a blunt bald nail :(
      K is true.

  5. Hi DeeDee,

    Here from Yolanda's and enjoyed your post, such fun, quirky questions/answers! Loved that you can't remember when you cried last, how blessed is that?!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by Nilanjana.
      I guess, I am blessed to have a bad memory :P

  6. People who can eat anything and not get fat would be one of my jealousies too! Wasn't this a fun blog hop. Great that not a lot of crying going on!

    1. Sigh!
      *pats* dont cry most of women population are with us :)
      Thanks for dropping by Denise

  7. Hello. it is nice to meet you through your blog post. I'm sort of the opposite--I love darkness and look forward to fall when the days grow short. Sunshine makes me feel like I should be more social but darkness is good snuggling in time for me.

    1. Snuggling, Sleeping..hmm..nice way to see darkness..maybe my fear is so huge that I am not able to see the good part of darkness.
      Thanks for dropping by Kathleen

  8. Yeah, crying babies in cinema and aircrafts is pretty annoying especially when you want to sleep. But I do empathize with parents for they suffer the most! My son's bites his nails too. In fact he never has even a micro mm of nail overgrowth, I dont know what he keeps biting all day long! Good to meet you through this blog fest, DeeDee :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Shilpa.
      I think people like me and your son do not need a reason to chew our nails, we just like it :P

  9. Your mom sounds like a mom, all right! I'm an Aquarian, but not on the cusp, so I married a Capricorn to make up of that. Great to meet you. I'm slow in getting around to everyone because I'm in the middle of a book launch. Sorry, but I got here, so I should get a couple of points!. :-)

    1. Wow a book launch. That sounds huge. All the best for that.
      Thanks for dropping by Cleemckenzie:)

  10. lol my grandmother keeps asking me when I'll find a girl and have babies. Morons are easy to kill in ones mind

    1. I think that is our Moms & Gramdmoms favorite work to do, hook up. Lol morons are meant to be killed...in the head atleast
      Thanks for dropping by Pat
      And find a girl and have babies ...hahaha


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