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Monday, February 27, 2017

SWG: Forever

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Mind Core" by Juan Felipe Herrera:ambled, alabaster, noon, bathed, bloated, bellies, moon, poems, lockets, leaned, kicked, stuffed 

After a fight with her husband, Mathias that noon, Mary was sad, she contemplated divorce, then she looked down at her bloated belly. 
"Anytime now" she thought. This unplanned pregnancy has not been easy for her.

She ambled around the park near the lake that was bathed in the beautiful soft light of the moon.
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Mary, lazily kicked a tiny rock and the rock hit something shiny, stuffed in the soft mud.

Mary leaned awkwardly holding her tummy, and picked up two lockets made of  alabaster, it was the prettiest locket Mary had ever seen.

She cleaned the locket with the hem of her dress and looked closely, it had some love poems cared on it. She peered even more close to see the date, it said To Mary From Mathias, 21st January 1549.

It was like a divine connection. Her name & her husband's name, in a heart shaped locket at the time when her heart was in turmoil.

Mary looked up at the moon and smiled with tears in her eyes. She knew now, what is has with Mathias is called FOREVER.

This post is written for Sunday Swirligig - 100

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