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Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 3: Letter to my brother

This is the third week of the "Letter Challenge" and the letter of the week is to write to any other family member.

Here is my letter to my younger brother

Dear V,

I remember the day so clearly when Dad placed you on my lap. You were tiny and so cute. You grew up to be such a nice kid. You have qualities that I wish I had. You are compassionate, caring, sharing..everything that I am not. I remember all that nasty fights we had as kids. I remember the funny names we had for each other. I need to confess, that I stole your candies, and not the dog. :-)

We grew up together and suddenly you became my big brother. You looked and behaved like the elder one. I loved it when you turned all protective about me. From siblings, we became best friends. I knew I could count on you for everything. I know I can come to you with any boyfriend problems. Your opinion on any man I dated mattered the most for me. It was very sweet of you trying to hide your tears on my wedding day.

You might be all tall and huge now, but when you are sad and come to me, I still see the tiny kid walking to me. You are and will always be my little baby.

I love you

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  1. This is so lovely. What a wonderful relationship and such a contrast to the subject of my letter!

    Click to read my letter

  2. I was going to write about my brother. He is really my half brother. I got pictures ready and thought about what I was going to say....and then I just couldn't(?) As much as I love him...we have grown apart. I still see him now and again...but it is hard to be 'friends' with him right now.
    Anyway...I decided to write about two people that have been major role models on how I SHOULD be in life, and not what I SHOULDN'T be doing...lol.
    I hope you stop by and read it.

    - Lisa

    1. Awwwwww...That is such a cute comment loved it..

      Thanks for dropping by HJH

  3. How lovely. True kindred spirits. Very different from my letter!

    1. :-)

      Every letter is different. Every letter is beautiful


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