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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SSS: Balloons

Paul was lying on the grass with a straw hat on his head and chewing straw.

His as staring at the sky, and seeing the clouds pass by and he was trying to calm his head by listening to the crickets and chirping birds.

Every time he opened his eyes, he could only see the girl he was crushing on, Martha in someone else’s arms.

Slowly, Paul opened his eyes and saw some balloons flying down his way.

It took only something as small as a balloons
to change the mood of a 5-year-old Paul and get his head away from his first heartbreak.


  1. Oh, that so touching. Do read mine at https://neelwritesblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/28/neelwritesupndownlikeayoyosixsentencestoriesfiction28092017/

  2. UP is for optimism! I'm glad a salve for his broken heart came along! Maybe the next young lady won't do him wrong. :-)

    1. I do hope that too.
      Thanks for the comment Deborah :-)

  3. Aww...so sweet! Did not expect Paul to be so young. Poor little guy - heartbreak is terrible at any age.

    1. There is always a first time :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Lisa :-)

  4. Sweet story about first heartbreak. The first, but not the last...


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