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Monday, February 25, 2019

SWG: Those Words

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from the last stanza of the book-length poem "The Prodigal" by Derek Walcott: dolphins, wait, embers, wedge, elation, benediction, fury, line, prophecy, soar, certainly, shines

Meera's life was a tragedy. She started to believe in every magic, prediction, zodiacs every astrologers. But most of them were fakes and took undue advantage of Meera's desperation.

One day, while Meera was waiting in line for the bus, an old man,with a very serene face and white beard wearing an amber robe, walked up to Meera, looked straight into her eyes and said 
"Fury will create a wedge in your life. 
Your long wait  will be over. 
Your popularity shall  soar,  stars are going to shine, You shall be elated soon
In the shores of a beach, where certain kind of dolphins live, your love waits near the warmth of the embers"

Having said these words of benediction the man walked away, Meera stood there dumbfounded. The man vanished at a distance. 
It seemed like a prophecy. It seemed like God!

This post is written for Sunday Whirligig

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