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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mag: House

As a kid I loved to build houses
I made so many for my friends
For their birds & their mouse

I wanted to build one beautiful house for my mom & dad
All said I was a crazy lad
I chose every wood, every interior carefully
All I wanted was to decorate it beautifully

Green walls, white french windows
A beautiful snow white door & a patio
A garden in the backyard & a pond I imagined

At 32 today, I see my dream fulfilled
I made the house for them like i imagined
I see smiles on my parents and eyes filled

I made a house, my parents made it a home
All that love, that has happened & yet to come
I promise myself today.
I would keep their face smiling & happy everyday

This post is written for Magpie tales - Mag 285


  1. That is such a sweet poem. Hats off to your vision and wonderful thoughts.

  2. What a gorgeous way to gift parents with happiness and security. What love. Delightful story.

  3. It's sweet to want to create a safe space for the ones that made a warm space for you to grow up in.

    1. True that Rommy :-)
      That are the most important people, the reason for one's existence
      Thanks for dropping by

  4. That's wonderful Dee Dee! Any good things done for our parents are blessings in their hearts for us. Can well see the happiness in their eyes!


  5. To build a house for your parents.. what a sweet dream, and so different for the dreams of building it for yourself.

    1. Something for them is the most special thing
      For you before them is selfish

  6. Beautiful. I dont know you...but well done.

  7. to fulfill a dream is the biggest achievement , nicely written

    My take : A Small Home

    1. Fulfilling a dream for parents is satisfaction :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Cifar :-)

  8. Well written. Enjoyed the read! What a pleasant and gracious achievement!


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