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Thursday, September 3, 2015

TT: Art

I think, blogging is an art.
PC: Pintrest
Not everyone is gifted to put their thoughts in words that others can associate with too.

Sometimes, such few words convey the writers state of mind, their lives, their friends, their opinions

I think, every blog has a personality of its own, it's unique and honest.
You know he blogger and at the same time you know nothing about the blogger. It gives a sense of known mystery.

Art of blogging is not just about showing people that you can write, it about making them see what you feel, even if they are seven seas apart.

This post is written for Theme Thursday - Art


  1. True and I agree with you.....but sometimes we think we know ppl we meet and face for may be several years... yet they turn unknown..... sometimes feelings are best shared when you are behind the screen...

  2. Blogging is an art, I'm just learning the process.But someday I'll be a star! :)

  3. I dropped by Theme Thursdays ... but I did not find ur URL. Did you missed that ??? and I guess I commented on your post which is still not showing ... maybe in waiting still...

    1. Hey Buddy,
      Thanks ya, I didnt realize that I wrote but forgot to post. Awesome you are


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