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Thursday, September 10, 2015

WODW: She goes

She is going, to the place where her love lives
After a heart break, she is going to take this dive

No one stop her, for she goes
After all her life's highs and lows

Though she tries but she can't hide all her joy inside
Keeping her fears aside 
She can't wait to reveal
Showing the world how she feels

This time feels so right
There will be no more lonely nights
Beautiful days are here to stay
There will be smiles everyday

She is going to the other side of town
Leaving back, all the tears & frown

In my heart there is pain
Why? I can't explain
Maybe I have loved her too
Now there is nothing I can do

She is going, her love's way
Giving me a Goodbye wave
The worst pain that she gave
\My fault that i let her go away

This post is written for -Write or Die Wednesdays  by Mia of The Chronicles of Chaos and Vashelle of Shelly’s Cabaret 


  1. This is beautiful! Is it from the perspective of someone who didn't know what they had 'til it was gone?

  2. I love it. I love that she is happy. And I sorta love that someone else wishes they knew what they had at the time. Take THAT! ;) Thanks so much for sharing! xo

    1. I love it too :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Mia & Thanks for the Twitter share too


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