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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3WW: Don't waste water

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - parched, rotund, scandalous

Everyone in this village were thin. The land in this village started to crack. The villagers looked at the sky that was burning of the heat from the sun.
The land and the people looked parched.

Just then a fancy car stopped by and a group of merciless teenagers got down. While others looked around a rotund, mean looking boy got out a huge water bottle, took two sips and poured the rest of the water on he ground.

The villagers gave him a scandalous look.

All that a calm, leader of the village told the boy "You waste water now, you will not have water ever"

Will this change the teenagers the mind?


  1. no they have to be taught and this young man wasn't

    1. Yes agree, some things have to be taught real early in life...

      Thanks for dropping by Shielagh :-)

  2. Hopefully it did. We take it for granted often forgetting what a valuable resource it is.

    1. so many in the world take it for granted

      Thank you Keith

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