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Monday, January 2, 2017

SWG: Heartbreak

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "The New Year" by Jason Shinder: bottom, breath, blue, dressed, drowning, discovered, match, mirror, mine, losing, love, lap 

They discovered a few things from a ship that sunk into the deep bottom of the Arabian sae 38 years ago.
She is 88 now and they showed her that old ornate mirror, with a 
She said with a lump in her throat "yes, that's mine"
That mirror had so many memories etched in it.

It has the memory of that fateful night.
On the wrenched ship, That little match and there was fire all over.
She was dressed for her ball, the day she fell in love.
The ship slowly sunk in the deep blue sea
Amoungst the drowing people, admidst the fire, he said he had loved her.
That day, he breath the last, on her lap
The pain of losing the only man she ever loved stayed with her for life.

This post is written for Sunday Swirligig


  1. What a great story from the given words.

  2. At least she can now reflect on the past and what might have been. Delightful use of the words.

    My tale is called White

  3. Feelings of love and loss stay with us forever.

    1. I agree...the worst kind of pain it gives

      Thanks for dropping by Pat B

      Happy New year :-)


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