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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WPS: Blessing is disguise

It was 7am in the morning and the sun fell on the beautiful holy place. This place is known for not having shadows at any time of the day because of the way it was built.

The myth was, the shadow fell, only when the Lord answers a sincere prayer.
5 Red Square, Moscow, Russia

“how could you be so nasty Wayne?’ came a wail from the top floor of the building.
“We stay right opposite to the holy place, and look at you” was the same pleading voice again.

The priest of the holy place felt a pang of pity for the woman. He then saw her kneel next to the window facing the holy place and pray.

At that moment, a miracle happened, the shadow of the holy place fell on the woman’s window like a blessing. 

The shadow was not a myth anymore.

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