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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WPS: Miracles on Highways

PC: Google Maps: Landers, California
Myan cursed his luck standing in that deserted highway. He really wanted to reach home for the Christmas and surprise his mother. He felt, the pain in her voice, when Myan said he won’t make it this year.

And just like luck would have it, his bike broke down and at nowhere, then he remembered his mother’s words “Have faith, Pray and miracles will happen”

Myan knelt on the dusty side of the highway and closed his eyes, he saw his mother’s smiling face. He took a deep breath and said aloud “I want to see that smiling face in real”

Right then, there was a loud honk and Myan opened his eyes with a startle, a group of college kids, going towards his hometown offered him a lift.

Myan looked up the sky and smiled “Miracles do happen in highways” he thought

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