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Monday, January 15, 2018

APM: I Promise to my Body

I promise, to my nice to you dear body
I swear to not abuse you anymore
You say, no booze, no drugs
I shall do that no more.
One more thing, I promise to you today
I shall not abuse you with junk food too
For you are my temple
And I promise to worship you with utmost devotion.

You dear body, are superb the way you are
The weight, the height, the shape of you is as perfect as it can be
I promise to never judge you for how you are

I promise to smile more and keep you happy
Most of all, I and you together are going to live a life that we truly wanted to Live, I promise
Aaichi Shapat! Mother Promise! God Promise! Pinky Promise

This post is written for Airplane Poetry Movement #3

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