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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

SSS: Start of Forever

My first Six Sentence Story of the year has a lovely prompt: Start

They were planning to meet today for the first time after long conversations, first on emails, then calls, then chats, then on video calls but never in person.

Both have had their share of heart breaks in their lives and were nervous today.
They really wanted this to work out.

Their wavelengths matched, they were totally in sync, so felt in the conversations, they wanted it to be the same even in real, but with experience they knew to not keep their hopes high.

Now, its time, to meet each other, moments ticking, hearts beating, the world stops as they face each other, eyes meet, smiles spread, both of them instantly knew, this is start of a brand new, beautiful and mostly the most cherished chapters of their lives.

High up, somewhere in the heaven, God smiles and starts a chapter for them and titles it "Forever"

This post is written for Six Sentence Story


  1. A delightful tale with which to start the New Year.

    Click to read my SSS!

  2. That was a cautiously optimistic six sentence tale. Good luck to them, and to you.

  3. We truly are forever!! Thanks for this

  4. Lovely story, with a happy start and a happy finish!

  5. Holy smokes! You've written a 6 that mirrors how my relationship begain :)
    Enjoyable 6!

    1. Awww...yours is then such a cute love story.
      God Bless.
      and thanks for readin girlie :-)


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