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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

SSS: Ripped & Mended

My ex taught me to love.
My ex showed me how beautiful life can be.
My ex also made me feel the pain of seeing him with someone else.
My ex showed me that love can make me stay up all night,crying softly or weeping my heart out into my pillow and made me question myself why me?
My ex ripped my heart apart and broke it into a million pieces and made me wonder of how much more pain can I endure
Then, my current boyfriend and would-be husband came by, with a bucket load of smiles, love and lot of bandages, to mend my ripped apart, bruised and broken heart, making me realize how "True Love" feels like

This post is written for Six Sentence Story - Ripped


  1. Hi Mrs DAsh ... lovely poem - so so true ... cheers Hilary

  2. Bucket load of smiles-love that

  3. There is light at the end of every tunnel, well, most. Delightful DeeDee

    Click to read my Six!

  4. I know the tale you have written so well, and despite the pain of having our hearts ripped out in betrayal, we appreciate the true love relationship that follows all the more for having known despair. It took me fifty years to finally meet my soulmate, and I can most certainly say that God saved the very best for last!

  5. Sometimes you kiss several toads before you find the frog prince.

  6. You are so very on point. You've managed to sum up a life experience many of us have had. Thanks for a well done 6!

  7. Isn't it wonderful to discover what may have felt like the end of the world, isn't? There are so many lessons learned in relationships, and unfortunately sometimes hearts get broken, but the wounded rise even stronger often with the love and understanding that comes from others.
    Great SSS.

    1. I agree Pat B.
      Love can make big differences :-)
      Thanks for dropping by


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