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Monday, January 22, 2018

APM: Scream

The poem is written with the last line of Vaibhav Sharma's poem to the previous prompt "All the screams I will hear by myself, I Promise."

All the screams I will hear by myself, I Promise.
Dadda, When uncle came to touch when I was five
I wasn't taught bad touches. Was I naive?
I cried I screamed, no one but I heard my screams

When uncle got his friends and when they took turns
I was only a ten, when I told you and mom about my "nu nu"'s burn
You asked me to keep quiet and said it was just a play
My heart cried & screamed, but the screams were heard just by me

My cousin, my best friend, uncle's son
He did what his father did, His hands pinched my tender growing breast
I was budding, I was just thirteen, I cried in pain with every thrust
Then, my tears and screams, no one heard but me

I came to you Dadda, with tears in my eyes & blood on my dress
You shooed me off and said family name mattered
I ask you Dadda, didn't you daughter ever matter?
My heart broke & cried every time I saw you entertain the uncle & his son
They used your child for their fun

What about the scars they left on my body?
What about the permanent scars they left on my heart?
What about the feeling that I can;t trust any man ever?
Dadda, did you ever care?

After so many years, I still cry myself to sleep.
You made me feel like it was my fault Dadda.
You made me feel like what happened was Ok
I scream out loud and wish the pain would go away
But Alas, the scream would be heard by no one by myself

This poem is written for Airplane Poetry Movement - #4

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