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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

APM: Mirror

I have been a lousy blogger all year last year. I haven't written as mush as i hoped to, but this new year I hope to change it.
So, I have signed up for a weekly poem prompt, hopefully by the end of this year I hope to have at least 100 poems in my kitty.

Prompt of the week: "Your mirror writes a poem for you. What does it say?"

I long to see you every morning

Those eyes so deep, that look, it seeps into me while you wear that kohl
How they blink while you wear that tiny bindi on your forehead

That lips that pout while u try on different colors on it
Out of all my favorite shade on you is red

When those matching earrings dangle in each ear
Every time a smile in my heart does spread

Every night while you comb that long black hair
You look so pretty, but prettier with that bed-head

When you aren't around
I feel so empty and dead

I am in love
For my sole existence is YOU

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