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Monday, January 8, 2018

APM: Darkness

The prompt to write this poem is "Without warning, you lose your eyesight. You don't feel any physical pain. The world around you goes dark, but all your other senses become sharp. Write a poem about how you react in the immediate aftermath."

The darkness has setting and it feels like a doomsday
The memories of every color is fading away

Doubts & losses are creeping its way
My fear is something that I can't say

So sudden, that I don't know what to do
In front, of me my whole life flew

All the doctors I went to, no hope is all they said
All my prayers are for my eyes so are every tear that shed

Every body part, that I took for granted
They came for my rescue when they were most wanted

My sense of smell and hearing rose
While, my finger tips now know, what it chose

I feel blessed to have such amazing family & friends
They stayed with me when I felt my life has come to an end

Today, I want to thank everyone and everything around
For holding me up, when I was down

This poem is written for Airplane Poetry Movement

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